Device features
Available colours

RAL 9003 White - gloss
Black RAL 9005

Furniture board Oak Charlestone H3154

Furniture board Yosemite S016

Standard equipment

Refrigerating unit

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    3rd climatic class
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    Plug-in unit powered with ecological R-290 refrigerant
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    Fan assisted cooling (dynamic)
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    Electronic temperature controller with display from the service side (setting range: +2°C ÷ +18°C)
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    Pollen filter (reusable)
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    Air curtain
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    Automatic condensate evaporation system


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    Sides of the device depending on the chosen front: of lacquered MDF board - black or white; of furniture board: black
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    Front covered with lacquered MDF board or of furniture board - decor to be chosen from the RAPA pattern
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    Vent lockable with magnet
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    Adjustable legs
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    Freestanding device with possibility to connect it in longer series lines


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    Additional glass worktop inside
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    Sliding door made of combined, low-E glass panes
  • icon
    Tempered glass shelves – adjustable every 5 cm
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    Vertical and top LED lighting
  • icon
    Flat front glass pane, tilted with gas springs system
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    External glass panes and door – combined, low-E
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Additional equipment

Additional equipment

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    Device without aggregate


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    USB temperature recorder (wireless)
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climatic class 3
temperatures range +3°C ÷ +8°C
refrigerant (HC) R-290
rated voltage 230 V~ / 50 Hz
rated power 840 W
defrosting automatic
evaporation of condensate automatic
model C 137
length [cm] 137
depth [cm] 79,5
height [cm] 146
exposition dimensions [cm] 48x128,5 - 3 pcs.
bottom exposition [cm] 50x130
shelves spacing - adjustable every 5 cm [cm] 1x26; 2x20; 1x16

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Catalogues and products cards
Katalog produktow - Product catalog - RAPA
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Ulotka - witryna cukiernicza EXCELLENTE C - RAPA
1,758 KB
Karta produktu - witryna cukiernicza EXCELLENTE C - RAPA
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Product card - confectionary display case - EXCELLENTE C
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Price lists
01-30_CENNIK_RAPA_Producent Urzadzen Chlodniczych_PL_2020v1
2,706 KB
02_CENNIK_RAPA_spis tresci - opis kodow_PL_2020v1
1,397 KB
27_CENNIK_RAPA_witryna cukiernicza EXCELLENTE C i linie A, B_PL_2020v1
1,455 KB
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User manuals
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Certificates of conformity
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Colour chart
Wzornik RAPA - Colour Chart RAPA_2020v4
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Technical drawings
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Service vademecum #2 - replacement of the temperature controller

May 14, 2020 00:00

Welcome to the next service handbook. In today's installment, we will replace the temperature controller. The exchange is relatively simple but it is worth emphasizing that it should be carried out by a person with electrical qualifications. We have prepared the guide in the form of a short step-by-step description and video material.

Replacing the temperature controller

krok 1

Turn off the device

Before replacing the temperature controller, turn off the device using the main switch. Then turn off the device from the power supply.

Disassemble the temperature controller

With a flat, small screwdriver, we gently pry up the housing frame. Then unscrew the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Gently remove the controller.

krok 2
krok 3

Disconnect the temperature controller

Before replacing the controller, it is worth taking a photo of it, which will help us connect the cubes in the correct order. After taking the picture, we can detach the cubes from the controller.

We plug in a new temperature controller

In the new controller, we connect the cubes in the correct order. Let's make sure they snap properly. After this action, the controller is inserted into the mounting hole and tightened again gently by making a few turns with a Phillips screwdriver. Then we put on the protective frame. The device can be switched back to the power supply and turned on by the main switch.

krok 4



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RAPA new in offer - LK-SiX/X cash counter

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Dear Sirs,