Device features
Available colours
RAL 9003 Signal white - gloss

Płyta meblowa Dąb Kendal naturalny H3170 ST12

Furniture board Yosemite S016

Furniture board Coast Evoke Oak K365 PW

Furniture board Raw Endgrain Oak K105 PW

Furniture board Oak Charlestone H3154

Furniture board Iron Flow K352 RT

Możliwość łączenia w ciągi chłodnicze

Create a well-designed space

Our workspace is important, so we designed a neutral display cabinet to perfectly match the refrigerated display cases and the checkout counter. Create a harmonious interior where all the elements fit together perfectly.

(foto: zestawione witryny chłodnicze i neutralne i lada kasowa

Easy service and self service

Thanks to the raised front glass, you can offer products that the customer can easily reach for himself. You can easily keep the site clean, because you have access to every nook and cranny.

wysuwana ekspozycja

Your comfort comes first

Retractable display bottom allows for quick and easy loading at any time. You have all the products within your reach, and the customer will not resist them.

A table top you can rely on

We have used an additional worktop on the site so that you can serve customers without having to move. In addition, all glass panes and glass shelves are hardened to guarantee durability and safety.


blat połączony z półka ekspozycyjną
oświetlenie LED

Lighting that reaches every corner

Lay out the products as your intuition tells you. Thanks to vertical and overhead LED lighting, all props will be perfectly illuminated, regardless of the setting.

Highlight your style with special decors

We know how important an atmospheric interior is. That is why we have designed our sites in various colors and patterns, find your style in the RAPA charts.

szyba uchylna z systemem siłowników
szyba uchylna z systemem siłowników

Extras always at your fingertips

Keep the necessary accessories where you need them most. In EXCELLENTE C LN you will find drawers for staff, thanks to which you can quickly complete each order.

Use all the space you have

You can easily plan the space, because we have installed two electric sockets in the counter.

regulowane nogi
regulowane nogi

Set up how you want, where you want

We have 4 adjustable legs in the device, thanks to which you can easily set the device and level it.

Standard equipment


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    Sides of the device depending on the chosen front: of lacquered MDF board - black or white; of furniture board: black
  • icon
    Front covered with lacquered MDF board or of furniture board - decor to be chosen from the RAPA pattern
  • icon
    Gniazdo elektryczne podwójne
  • icon
    Adjustable legs
  • icon
    Szuflady od strony obsługi z czarnej lub białej płyty meblowej - 2 szt.


  • icon
    Powierzchnia robocza blatu z czarnej płyty meblowej połączona z półką ekspozycji
  • icon
    Wysuwane dno ekspozycji ze stali nierdzewnej
  • icon
    Oświetlenie LED pionowe
  • icon
    Szyba czołowa prosta, pionowa otwierana do góry
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Additional equipment

Additional equipment

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    Decor beyond the RAPA pattern
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    Mountage of double electric socket
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napięcie znamionowe 230 V~ / 50 Hz
moc znamionowa 2,5 W ÷ 10 W
model C-C 100 LN
długość witryny cukierniczej [cm] 100
głębokość witryny cukierniczej [cm] 78
wysokość witryny cukierniczej [cm] 120
wymiary ekspozycji: półka szklana [cm] 97,6 x 45,5
ekspozycja dolna [cm] 95,8 x 75,2
rozstaw półek [cm]

31,4 (od dna ekspozycji do półki ekspozycji)
29,2 (od półki ekspozycji do szklanego daszka witryny)


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Colour chart
Wzornik RAPA - Colour Chart RAPA_2020v5
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