4 accessories that increase the possibilities of display

Jak zaplanować ekspozycję, aby zyskać jak najwięcej miejsca

4 accessories that increase the possibilities of display

Jun 10, 2021


Do you have a small commercial space at your disposal, where it is difficult to show the entire range of products? Would you like to introduce new products, but need something that will catch the customer's attention? Sometimes it is enough to make your work easier and change the appearance of the store's display. Organizing, arranging and presenting the offer to the client will become easier if you use the right accessories. 


On the web you will find many guides that explain how to properly present your offer. Most often they concern the proper arrangement and grouping of the assortment. Reality, however, quickly verifies our dreams, because we have to choose between presenting the full range and maintaining transparency in the offer. This is especially true of smaller local stores.


Change the exposure with the right additives


In such situations, additional accessories come to the rescue. They allow you to change the display of refrigeration equipment and use its full potential. We have selected 4 accessories for you that will help you catch the customer's eye. One of them is currently on sale, see the details at the end. 


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Accessories that will change the display:

  1. Cascade for display - thanks to it, you will control the visibility of products. The cascade raises part of the display and thus helps to display products that are further away from the customer. You can order a cascade for each refrigerated counter
  2. Display partition for a refrigerated counter - allows you to divide the display of a refrigerated counter, thanks to which you can place products from different categories in 1 device (e.g. cold cuts and dairy products). By choosing a movable partition, you gain an additional option to adjust the size of the display to the currently available product range.
  3. A crossbar with "spike" or "s" hooks for a multideck refrigerated display - this is a proposition for those who want to diversify the display of, for example, sausages, cold cuts or fish. Products hung on hooks are better visible to the customer, and thus sell better.
  4. A hanging shelf for a flower refrigerator - something for florists who are thinking about equipping a florist with a cooling gazebo. Thanks to the hanging shelf, you gain additional space for flowers, bouquets or bouquets.

Get a movable partition for only 0,20 EUR


If you are considering buying a partition for a refrigerated counter, we have good news for you. For each refrigerated counter ordered in June, you can buy a movable display partition for only 0,20 EUR. This is a great time to organize your assortment. Details of the promotion and regulations can be found here.



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