Price Lists

Ladies and gentlemen,

reffering to the price update, we would like to inform you that the new price list (which valid from January 11, 2021)
is available for download. The name of the file is RAPA_Price list_EN_2021v1.01

The EUR prices in the configurator are only for the guide purposes and are estimated based on the exchange rate.
Please contact our Customer Service Department for any detailed information.


Name 2021v1.01 means:

2021 - the year of release
v1 - version of the price list (prizes update)
.01 - the number of minor price list adjustments or the introduction of a new product

01-32_CENNIK_RAPA_Producent Urzadzen Chlodniczych_PL_2020v1.3
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RAPA_Price list_EN_2021v1.01
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