Technical advices

After disconnecting the device from the power supply, the general maintenance should be done by the user, as follows:

1. Washing with warm water with addition of cleaning agents appropriate for the cleaned surfaces,

2. Removing impurities from the condenser by means of vacuum cleaner (from up to down – along the fins) with the frequency appropriate for prevailing ambient conditions so that the flow of the cooling air through the condenser fins is not hampered (preferably once a month). Once a year (best before the first heatwaves) it is mandatory to clean the condenser with a vacuum cleaner and to purge the fins by means of compressed air from the fan side.

When cleaning the condenser be careful not to deform the fins.

Not following the instructions included in the point No. 2 causes increased energy consumption, decreased refrigeration efficiency of the device and eventually result in aggregate overheating, which consequently may lead to failure.

It is not recommended to clean the condenser with a brush as it makes dust stick deep inside the fins and finally block the air flow completely.

Models of refrigerated counters: L-A, L-A1, L-A2, L-A3, L-B, L-B1, L-B2, L-B3, L-C , L-D, L-D3