5 questions about a flower refrigerator - we dispel your doubts

Florystka w kwiaciarni robi bukiet

5 questions about a flower refrigerator - we dispel your doubts

Dec 9, 2021

Every day, we answer hundreds of questions about refrigeration devices. We know that you want to make the decision to buy a cooling equipment consciously. That is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions and prepared answers that — we hope — will help you decide on investing in the best solution for you.


1. Is a cooling device in a flower shop necessary?


Many people wonder if a refrigeration device in a flower shop is even needed. Ideally, flowers that you buy on the market in the morning are selling right away the same day. In fact, many florists have to throw away the purchased goods, and with it, they irretrievably lose the money invested. How big are the losses? Each case is different. The florists who trusted us spoke of amounts ranging from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. In the case of a newly opened florist, such losses can mean big trouble.


Losses can be reduced by introducing a solution that will lower the ambient temperature. It can be a cold store in the back room, an appropriately separated space in the premises or a glass cold store that allows the simultaneous display of flowers - we offer such a solution, of course, it is a flower refrigerator. The low temperature slows the development of buds and allows the flowers to stay fresh longer. Thanks to the cold store, the purchased flowers can be sold for longer.


2. Will the flower from the cooling device wither before the customer returns home? I am afraid of complaints.


At the beginning, it is worth explaining that the transport of flowers from the gardener to the wholesaler or directly to the florist takes place with the continuity of the so-called cold chain. The flowers are placed at a low temperature, without it, it would be difficult to deliver them in the form of undeveloped buds to the point of sale. Thus, the flowers that the florist buys at the wholesaler have also been kept (at least for a while) at a low temperature.

Of course, temperature differences have an impact on the durability of flowers, and ultimately it is the florist who decides under which conditions to store them. The key to success here is to keep the right difference between the temperature in the cold room and the temperature outside. In order not to overdo it, follow the 3 rules for storing flowers in a flower refrigerator: 

  1. place flowers in the refrigerator at least 8 cm from the panoramic glass (we write about it in the manual, which is worth reading and having at hand), 
  2. do not put too many flowers and bouquets inside to maintain free air flow and even cooling throughout the device, 
  3. adjust the temperature to the conditions outside, try to keep a maximum of 10 degrees difference.   

Altana chłodnicza na kwiaty w rozmiarze 1605 cm


3. Is it possible to leave the door in the flower refrigerator open so as not to close the flowers behind the glass? 

The short answer is no. If you leave the door open, the device will draw in warm air from outside, and since it will not be able to achieve a constant low temperature in the chamber, the refrigeration system will run non-stop. You will notice that the appliance is very noisy, the evaporator will become iced up, and the appliance may be damaged. Doors should only be opened for loading.


4. Why is a professional flower refrigeratir so expensive?


For the construction of the gazebo, we use high-quality components, thanks to which you get a high-class device. First, the housing is made of stainless steel, which is powder coated at the customer's request. Inside, we use stainless steel with a "canvas" texture, which is easier to keep clean. Each side has a glass pane, and we only use toughened glass, which is safe and durable. 

When designing the gazebo, we consulted with florists to create the most useful device possible for this type of business.


Różne rozmiary altan chłodniczych ze stali nierdzewnej



5. How does the transport of a flower refrigerator look like and how to prepare for it? 


When arranging the transport, provide the supplier with all the information related to bringing the device inside: 

  • tell us where the florist is located (whether it is a ground floor or upstairs premises),
  • check if a delivery truck may enter near the florist's shop,
  • measure the width and height of the door,
  • say if the door has a threshold and what is its height.

Prepare the premises for the arrival of the device. Clean up the place where the flower refrigerator is to be placed. If you can, arrange for help to bring the device, a trolley will also be useful to prevent it from having to be moved. Also, remember to keep the packaging and the pallet at least temporarily in case you want to replace the device.


Największa szafa chłodnicza do kwiaciarni 2205 cm



Remember to carefully check the condition of the device at the supplier. If you notice any damage, do not accept the delivery and write down the protocol.

Do you want to know more? We offer help and advise. We will answer your questions and help you choose the best solution and determine the best method of financing for you. Contact us, all the necessary details can be found here.




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