A few words about RAPA's guarantees and technical support

A few words about RAPA's guarantees and technical support

Jul 21, 2022

When buying a refrigeration device, we do not always pay attention to this element of "equipment", but its presence significantly increases the comfort of using the equipment. We are talking about a guarantee, of course. It is always a good idea to check whether the manufacturer provides warranty protection and under what conditions. Sometimes obtaining or retaining the guarantee requires certain actions, so for your own convenience, it is better to take interest in the subject already at the stage of ordering the product.

And how does it work at RAPA? You will find out in the following article.


We guarantee the highest quality and comfort

The components in all our devices come with a standard one-year guarantee. This applies to both refrigeration equipment and heating counters, as well as shop furniture with lighting. You will find information on exactly which components are covered by the warranty in the Warranty Card.


Technical support

We put a great deal of commitment into ensuring that every piece of equipment we manufacture runs smoothly for many years, but malfunctions can always happen. This is why we provide our customers with technical support and advice on the correct operation and maintenance of our products, as well as on the selection of any spare parts..


Any queries related to the operation of our devices can be addressed to the Technical Support Department:


tel. mob. +48 570 444 615
tel. +48 81 718 46 08
e-mail: p.mikolajczyk@rapa.lublin.pl

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