Dairy products in a multideck refrigeration display - how to properly display products

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Dairy products in a multideck refrigeration display - how to properly display products

Jul 8, 2021


Dairy products, although present on store shelves regardless of the season, are also subject to seasonality. Ready-made ice coffees are becoming more and more popular, especially now in the summer. Therefore, it is worth displaying them, even in the checkout area, where we reach for impulse products.


Cheeses, creams and yoghurts are products that end up in customers' basket all year round. Apart from seasonal products, the aforementioned coffees, but also sour milk or cold soups, competition among dairy producers is constantly growing.


Whether you have products from multiple manufacturers or just a local supplier, proper storage and display of your dairy products is the key to gain more sales. 


Storage of dairy products - general rules


In the case of dairy products that have a relatively short shelf life, it is very important to maintain the continuity of the cold chain. Store employees should constantly monitor the temperature at which the products are stored (from the time of delivery, when we check the temperature in the delivery truck, until it is sold).


It is also worth reminding about FIFO, the principle according to which products that arrived earlier should be delivered to the store first. Of course, you should absolutely monitor all deliveries and plan to display the assortment according to the expiry date of the product, indicated on the packaging.


Various devices can be used to display dairy products in the store. The most important thing is that they provide appropriate conditions for specific groups of the assortment, including a sufficiently low temperature. Due to the method of sale (self-service or with service), dairy products can be displayed in:

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Advantages of displaying dairy products in a multideck refrigerated display


Open and closed multideck refrigerated displays are a great way to display products in a self-service system. In order to use the maximum potential of such a device, it is worth applying some basic rules:

  1. Plan the most effective way to group products in your store. Creating groups helps customers see the full offer and makes it easier to choose the best product for them from different price groups. 
  2. Keep an appropriate weight. Check the instructions for the maximum load on the shelves. Thanks to this, you will avoid damage to the device and easier to disassemble the products. 
  3. Guarantee free air flow in the display. Do not block the ventilation openings. Only in this way will you enjoy the right temperature inside the device.
  4. Take care of the contrast. With products that differ slightly in color, the most difficult task is to visually separate the assortment. It is worth taking advantage of the free space that is available in refrigerated shelves.
  5. Recommended products should be placed at the customer's eye level and within easy reach. As with any other type of assortment, such product placement helps to increase sales.
  6. Store employees should replenish the shelves in the display on a regular basis. It is important to give an impression of abundance.

Why is it worth grouping the assortment and ensuring its legibility? First of all, because the customer makes a purchase decision in seconds. Thanks to the right exposure, you can persuade the customer to choose the products that you want to sell the most. 


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Strengthen your sales with the right additions


In the case of dairy products, it is worth taking care of an attractive permanent display, which will be highlighted from time to time with POS materials informing about a promotion or a special product. 


When buying the device, remember to choose the right lighting for dairy products (it is available as standard equipment). Depending on the assortment, you may consider replacing the shelves with hooks for hanging products in long packages (e.g. sausages).


Keep an eye on what's new


Our offer will soon include a rack dedicated to the display of dairy products in standard cartons. Its depth will be adjusted to the size of dairy collective packaging (40 cm).


If you have questions or want to know our offer, please contact the Customer Service Department.



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