Find your niche - some inspiration for business development

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Find your niche - some inspiration for business development

Feb 25, 2021


Specializing in a narrow scope gives you an advantage over the competition, and modern specialist stores attract with unusual solutions. To find such a place for yourself, first, you need to carefully research the market and consumer needs.




Why are customers so eager to buy in specialist stores? There are several reasons:

  • such stores offer professional service that is happy to advise and complement the shopping experience,
  • have a wider range of products as part of their specialization, because they can offer products that, for example, you will not find in grocery stores,
  • offer experience (so-called customer experience) that differs from ordinary shopping and makes the customer feel special.


It takes work and time to create a successful concept. Ultimately, however, it is worth it, because such a place is easier to distinguish on the market. If you want to search for your niche, try some basic steps:

  1. check the needs of people who live in your area (e.g. if you want to run a business in a new housing estate, where mainly young parents live, create a place where you can spend time with a child);
  2. carefully analyze what your potential customers are missing and develop an idea that will address their needs in an innovative way;
  3. to create a successful specialist concept, you usually need a specific assortment that you will combine with the service. So think about what extra you can offer your customers,
  4. build a community that will use your services or shop with you, e.g. by offering a loyalty program, samples, etc.,
  5. be a specialist in your field, it is on this that you will build trust and loyalty and ... you will arouse curiosity. 

Zrób badania rynku


Get inspired by the best


Thanks to specialization, you gain the opportunity to develop the offer that you design for a specific customer. This way you meet all his needs in one place. And customers love it. How do the best do it? For example, the Big Ben alcoholic store chain, in addition to alcohol, offers products that will help you organize a party. You don't have to go anywhere else.


Contrary to appearances, specialization does not limit the business, and allows you to give something "extra", which will make consumers remember you for longer. Remember that customer experience results from the combination of many ingredients, such as decor, fragrance, lighting, communication, offers and strategy.  


What services can be successfully combined?

  • The florist can also offer specialized wedding planning services. A professional flower gazebo will help to distinguish bouquets for this unique one.
  • In addition to the assortment, the butcher's shop can also offer the purchase of ready-made semi-finished products for making sandwiches according to original recipes. Delicious food stored in the SiX counter, along with a recipe for its preparation, will make customers proud of their own culinary skills.
  • In your favorite café, you can not only sell sweets straight from the EXCELLENTE confectionary display case, but also offer a convenient place for remote work, i.e. coworking space.

Whatever you come up with, remember about the brand. A well-planned online strategy and activities will help you start your business and reach your customers. Also, consider posting regularly on the internet, such as a blog.

Pisz bloga firmowego


Show that you are an expert 


Blogs today are marketing tools. A well-run company blog has great potential that is worth using. You surely know that this is one of the best ways to build a personal brand or the brand of your company. Regularly publishing valuable content on the web can make you gain up to 2 times more customers and easier to build a community willing to pay for your products or services.


What will you gain by running a blog about your business? 

  • You will build your authority as an expert,
  •  you will make yourself known to a wider audience, therefore you will gain development opportunities,
  • you will be up to date with news from your industry,
  •  thanks to the readers you will learn about other concepts, ideas and solutions that you might not have come up with alone.

What else? We love people with passion, they inspire us to act. That is why it is worth using what "drives" us to act to create a unique place.


A brand with character


A specialized store is a great solution if you want to build a recognizable brand with character. It is difficult for us to remain indifferent to a well-thought-out idea. We support innovation, and we are happy to help build an image that stands out. If you have an idea for a device that meets your needs, but is not available on the market - please contact us!



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