FIRST AID The messages that are displayed on the temperature controller and how to read them

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FIRST AID The messages that are displayed on the temperature controller and how to read them

Feb 11, 2021


We are constantly improving our devices to make them easy to use and reliable. That is why we use the highest quality, proven components. One of them is the temperature controller, which controls the temperature inside the unit and controls the defrosting process. It can also notify you when the door has been open for too long. Today we deal with error messages that can appear on the display.


Remember to read the manual before starting the device, you will find all the necessary information there.


What information will you find on the display?


The Carel temperature controller, which you will find in our devices, has a convenient electronic display. It can show the current temperature, a message about the ongoing defrosting process, and various alarms to notify you of failures.


The blinking of the LED diode is not an error, it usually means that the start of a given function (e.g. compressor or fans) is delayed. In this case, the device waits for the end of the currently performed procedure. This can be, for example, a continuous cycle and defrosting. All you have to do is wait for the device to complete all its actions.


Błąd otwartych drzwi


Errors that you can deal with on your own


The good news is that you don't always have to call for service. If the display shows the message dOr, you must close the door of the device. The message will disappear as soon as you deal with the "problem".


Some errors can be resolved with automatic reset done by the device. This will happen, for example, with an EF error. It appears when there is a controller parameter value error. The device will reboot and that should be enough to fix the problem. If this does not happen, be sure to call the service.


Błędy wymagające kontaktu z serwisem


Sytuacje, w których należy wezwać serwis



Situations in which the service should be called


It happens that the display reports errors that require professional service. Sometimes the diagnosis of a fault is not at all obvious, so if you want to eliminate a problem, trust specialists. Here are the bugs that need our support:

  • E0 - temperature sensor error - apart from the error, you will probably notice that the device is not cooling as it should. 
  • E1 or Ed - problems with defrosting - while waiting for help, you can turn off the device for 1 hour (repeat every 4 hours). The service will have to replace the temperature sensor.
  • EE - stored data error. The message may disappear on its own, but be vigilant. Be sure to call service if EE reappears again. 
  • LO - appears when the temperature in the device is lower than the set one - report the problem to the Service Center, it will be necessary to replace the regulator or the temperature sensor.
  • HI - will appear when the temperature is too high - before calling the service, check:
    • Isn’t the room too warm? 
    • Isn’t the door of the device open too often?
    • Isn’t the airflow blocked?
    • Aren’t the goods placed in the chamber too warm?

If you answered "no" to all questions, probably the temperature sensor has to be replaces. The service will also check the build-up on the evaporator.


Sometimes a bug is just a signal of a bigger problem. Regular cleaning of the device or placing it in the right place and in the right way are just as important as regular inspections.



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