How to care for refrigeration devices in summertime?

Jul 5, 2024

Hot summer weather adversely affects not only the health and wellbeing of people and animals, but also the functioning of refrigeration devices. The high temperatures can cause disruptions to their smooth operation unless they are properly cared for. What can be done to ensure that they work perfectly? We have gathered some tips.





1. Regularly clean the devices including the evaporator

The hygiene of refrigeration devices should be maintained throughout the year, but in the summer, with higher temperatures, it is worth increasing the frequency of cleaning. In these conditions, dangerous microorganisms multiply more quickly, posing a risk to customers and employees. When cleaning, don't forget the device's evaporator! When the evaporator is dirty, the device operates at a lower capacity, consumes more electricity and can easily break down.


Tips on how to clean your refrigeration devices can be found here: How to properly keep refrigeration devices clean



2. Check the ambient temperature

If the temperature in your shop is too high, it will not only affect the shopping experience for your customers. Refrigeration devices such as refrigerated counters, cabinets or multideck displays will be forced to work harder, which can lead to overheating and subsequent damage to the refrigeration unit.



3.Check the ambient humidity.

Increased humidity promotes the growth of fungi and mould, which can cause fresh food to spoil more quickly. It also negatively affects refrigeration devices. When there is too much humidity, the evaporators of devices can become excessively frosty or even icy, leading to a reduction in the cooling capacity of the equipment and consequently problems maintaining the correct temperature inside.



4. Ensure that all devices are properly closed.

An inflow of warm air from the ambient surroundings causes the compressor to run more frequently, which increases power consumption and puts the device under more intense operation. When the device is frequently exposed to such conditions, it can quickly refuse to cooperate, so when deciding to purchase a new device, it is worth ordering the open door indication option as an accessory.




5. Don't overload devices.

Too much stock in the device forces it to work harder, which, combined with higher ambient temperatures, can cause it to simply overload and stop working.


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