How to display meat in refrigerated counters - 5 basic rules

Sprzedaż mięsa polega na właściwej jego prezentacji

How to display meat in refrigerated counters - 5 basic rules

Jun 17, 2021


Quite a lot has been written about the display of meat and cold cuts, especially in the context of aesthetics and sales effectiveness. We know, however, that not all recommendations can be applied in every store. That is why we have collected for you the most important leads and tips on how to quickly and without spending a lot of time take care of the proper display of meats and cold cuts in your refrigerated counter.


Refrigerated counters are necessary for the proper functioning of grocery stores that offer meats and cold cuts. The refrigerated counter is to ensure appropriate temperature conditions for all products, and thus maintain their freshness, taste and health benefits. Of course, there are more benefits of having a meat stand, including the most important one - more sales. 


Każdy rodzaj mięsa powinien być układany osobno


How can stacking goods in a refrigerated counter translate into greater profit? Find out about 5 reasons why you should plan your display in a refrigerated counter:

  1. Properly arranged display helps attract the customer's eye and supports the sale of products with a higher margin.  
  2. Thanks to the low temperature, the counter allows you to minimize losses and increase product rotation.
  3. It helps to effectively plan subsequent orders, because the seller learns on an ongoing basis what products are asked by customers. Thanks to direct sales, it facilitates establishing contact with the customer and allows you to increase profit. 
  4. Properly planned, it facilitates the seller's work, allowing easy access to the full product range. 
  5. An attractive exhibition initiates spontaneous shopping

It is worth to invest some time to find out which solutions can be used with the available space and the selected assortment. Often, even a small change brings noticeable benefits.


Wędlinę należy przekroić, żeby klient wiedział, co kupuje


Learn the 5 key rules for displaying meat and cold cuts in refrigerated counters


First, the counter must look like it has a lot of products in it all day long. Empty spaces should be replenished on a regular basis. A customer who sees the end of a given product subconsciously expects low quality, and this discourages shopping. The impression of abundance can be created with the help of accessories such as a cascade or decorations.


At the same time, when filling the counter with products, remember not to obstruct the ventilation. To ensure that the temperature in the chamber is consistently low enough, retailers must remember to close the displays with curtains.


Divide the assortment into groups, e.g. sausages, poultry, grilled products, etc. This way, you can be sure that the customer will compare all the variants from a given segment.


In each group, arrange the products to emphasize the contrasts. Meat, cold cuts and sausages are products of similar colors. Therefore, in order to have a chance to be noticed, the most visually different ones should be placed next to each other.


Highlight the most expensive products, placing them in the most prominent place. The sale also uses the method in which the cheapest products are at the beginning of the customer path, and when the customer reaches the seller, he has the most expensive ones in front of him. This way, the seller has a better chance to talk to the customer about the meats with the highest margin.


Stosuj wyraźne etykiety cenowe



Each type of meat is displayed differently


Surely you've heard that poultry fillets should be placed in hearts, wings should be scattered in a container, and a broth portion should be wrapped in skin. If you are interested in how to arrange specific types of meat, read the articles increasing sales in the meat and sausage section and Rules for storing and protecting meat, as well as displaying in the meat and sausage section.


Which refrigerated counter will be the best to be displayed at a meat and sausage stand?


To sell this group of products, it is good to choose a device that will meet all sanitary requirements and will help to maintain optimal cooling conditions. You will find many similar solutions on the market, we recommend counters from the SiX line. We have designed them with the seller's convenience in mind, so the display is 75 cm deep. Dynamic cooling and an independent drying window system provide excellent conditions for the products and help in everyday tasks.


Extras that increase sales


The sale doesn't end with what you put inside the refrigerated counter. It is good to support the sale with an appropriate offer of complementary products, i.e. those with which we most often eat meat or cold cuts. You can place a small stand with basic spices or sauces on the counter.


See the promotion for a movable partition for the counter



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