How to properly display impulse products for the summer in the store

Regał POS do sprzedaży produktów przy kasach

How to properly display impulse products for the summer in the store

Jul 1, 2021


Pulse products, as the name suggests, are things you buy on impulse without thinking much. Summer is here, so consumers are more likely to choose chilled products of this type, such as iced coffee, water and yoghurt. How do you get them to throw even more into the cart? All you need to do is follow a few rules related to the selection and display of impulse products.


What exactly are impulse products?


Impulse products are products that you buy without much thought. The client reaches for them under the influence of reflex or fleeting whim. For example, he is bored in a long queue at the cash register, so he looks around and adds whatever he wraps to his basket. Or he comes to the store to pick up one specific item and suddenly comes to the conclusion that it is worth taking something else in the process.


Such products have two important features. First, they have lightweight packaging that you can grab and add to your purchases in an instant. Secondly, they are relatively cheap, so the client does not notice a major loss in the home budget.


Which articles are most often in the group of impulse products? We mainly include all kinds of sweets (e.g. bars, chewing gums, wafers, surprise eggs, candies), salty snacks, drinks and alcohol. On the other hand, in summer, the interest in what is chilled increases significantly, i.e. energy, drinks, yoghurt, chilled bars, water, iced coffee.

Zakupy impulsowe robimy pod wpływem chwili



Why are such products important to retailers? For the interest in them does not diminish. According to Wiadomości Handlowe, 7% more family wafers and cookies with chocolate were sold in 2020 than in the previous year. Interestingly, while previously small-sized snacks were popular, now customers tend to choose larger packages - they prefer to stock up on them at home.


How to increase sales with impulse products?


Are you wondering how to plan the display of impulse products so that consumers buy them more willingly and more often? We have several ways to implement in the store:


1. Focus on the checkout area


The checkout area is the so-called "golden zone", absolutely perfect for displaying impulse products. Every customer goes through this point paying for their purchases. He often stands there for a long time, so he can impulsively reach for a little thing. Behind him there are other people and the line is constantly shifting, which is why such a decision is made without much thought.


The checkout is the last place the customer sees in the store. So take the time to plan this section well. Make sure it leaves the best impression possible.



Dbaj o porządek w produktach impulsowych




2. Consider choosing the products themselves


Remember that impulse products have small packages so that they can be easily put in a basket or put on tape. These are not things to which the consumer becomes strongly attached. So if he doesn't find what he wants at hand, he'll take something else or give up. Don't overdo the quantity. Too large assortment only hinders purchasing decisions.


In addition, impulse products should be quite cheap, i.e. cost a few zlotys (maximum 2 EUR). A higher price usually makes the customer wonder if it is really worth to afford the purchase - and this is all about an impulse, not a longer choice.


3. Label the products appropriately


All kinds of information about promotions are what attracts the customer's attention, especially when standing in line at the checkout. Therefore, if you place a promotional item among your products, be sure to mark it with a distinctive, colorful, at a glance price tag.


4. Change the decor of the checkout area regularly


If you are preparing a display with impulse products in the checkout area, take care of a seasonal change of assortment. Such a place is perfect for reminding people of important occasions and thus persuading them to buy a gift. These include Valentine's Day, Children's Day, Women's Day or Christmas. Many customers will be happy to grab some cute little thing to use as a gift.


5. Make sure your products are well displayed, including those that are chilled


In summer, choose chilled products that the customer will be happy to buy, since in a moment he will have to go outside and face the heat. If you care about professional design of the sales area and good display of such items, we recommend the POS-A multideck refrigerated display. It will keep drinks and cold snacks at the optimal temperature, so they will stay fresh and taste longer.


The display has lighting that facilitates the effective presentation of products. The standard version includes one LED strip under the top shelf. It is also possible to install additional lighting under each shelf.


But that's not all. Thanks to POS-A, you can display not only chilled articles. At the very top of the device there is an additional display space where you can put goods that do not require low temperature.


As you can see, proper planning of the checkout area is a guarantee of success, i.e. increased sales. We hope you will use our tips in practice. If you want to know more about the aforementioned refrigerated rack, take a look at other devices from our range or ask for anything, we remain at your disposal.



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