More than just proper distance - what should a salesperson keep in mind in a pandemic

Sprzedawca powinien pamiętać o środkach ostrożności

More than just proper distance - what should a salesperson keep in mind in a pandemic

Apr 29, 2021


Last week we wrote about the "new" consumer. His expectations concern not only the store and the assortment, but also employees in a given place. Some rules to be followed by a professional salesperson, therefore, we must modify in order to focus on safety, improve quality and gain a greater chance that the customer will come back to us.


The first 20 words, the first 20 gestures, first 20 seconds - those factors decide about our relationship with a new person. A professional always wants to make a good impression, but during pandemic, he has to step back a bit.


Rule 1. The seller should stand approximately 1.5-2 m from the buyer

Before the pandemic, it was taught that friendly relations with clients are best built in close proximity. For the sake of safety (our own and the client's), we move away from others to a distance of at least 1.5 meters to create a safe space.

Of course, it's still good to stay upright, maintain eye contact, stay positive, and just try to help. What about a smile? A sincere smile causes the muscles around the eyes to contract, so it cannot be hidden under a mask.


Rule 2. Hygiene in the first place

Appearance is very important to us. Remember that the customer trusts that you care about the cleanliness (of the store and your own) and that you will handle it in accordance with higher safety standards.


Rule 3. The loud voice of an expert

In the eyes of the customer, the seller is an expert in all matters relating to the store. Therefore, he should speak in a firm, calm voice.

The masks additionally make it difficult for us to communicate (we cannot see the mouth of our interlocutor, which disturbs non-verbal communication), which is why it is so important to express yourself clearly, be open to explain more and patient.  

Maseczki utrudniają komunikację, ale jest na to sposób


Rule 4. Give the client all your attention

The consumer more and more often expects that in a given place he will be served in accordance with the highest standards. What does it mean? In the presence of customers, sellers should refrain from talking to each other. It is absolutely unacceptable to ignore the buyer. The customer should come first.

It's good to remember that the customer experience doesn't end when you leave the store. Prepare a strategy for difficult situations.


Rule 5. A plan for crisis situations

The right approach to the customer who makes comments or returns the goods is crucial for the functioning of the entire store. An upset client is much more likely to share his indignation with others (on the Internet and in everyday contact with others).

Remember that in most cases, a dissatisfied customer just wants to be heard. Therefore, do not ignore the people who come with the complaint. Learn and draw conclusions for the future, customers will appreciate it.


Bezpieczeństwo produktów spożywczych jest najważniejsze


Rule 6. Remember about non-verbal communication

The pandemic, or rather personal protective equipment, significantly impedes our communication. Masks that cover half of the face often make it harder for us to communicate. This is because body language is responsible for 55% of all communication (voice is 38%, what we say is a paltry 7%).

Do not spare your interlocutors gestures and kind looks. The customer has to believe that you want to solve their problem.


Pay attention to others

In trade, we recognize 8 types of customers who expect us to provide different ways of serving. We know if a specific person needs our advice while shopping or if they prefer to be alone. Remember that each of us copes with the situation differently, therefore our behavior may differ from normal. The most important role of a salesperson during a pandemic is to help and support the customer who leaves their purchases satisfied.


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