Play the light right – how to choose the right light for the product

Jak wybrać światło w urządzeniach chłodniczych

Play the light right – how to choose the right light for the product

Nov 6, 2020

Effective sales are the result of many thoughtful actions. We know that as a professional salesperson, you do your best to provide customers with the highest quality products. But did you know that the light in your refrigerated counter can also work for your success? Today we will suggest how to use the power of light in refrigeration devices to sell more effectively. 

Light has a great power to attract attention. Therefore, we plan its distribution very carefully in stores. Correctly selected lighting:

  • makes the customer easier to notice attractive products,
  • creates a friendly atmosphere in the room, 
  • catches the eye,
  • emphasizes the quality and freshness of products. 

In refrigeration appliances, lighting plays a special role, because without it, the assortment that must be kept at a low temperature would not be visible at all. Today, LED lamps (in counters and shelves) and aluminum strips with LED strips (in cabinets and confectionery display cases), which are tailored to the specific assortment, work best.


Oświetlenie mięsne w kolorze czerwonym dla produktów mięsnych


Color matters

Before buying a refrigeration appliance, consider carefully what will be inside. What will help sell meat is not necessarily the case with dairy products. Lighting in cooling devices is set so that it emphasizes the best features of your products.  

  • Meat is most often illuminated with pink or red light. The light is to emphasize the red color of the fresh product as naturally as possible. The lighting dedicated to meat counters has specially selected LEDs that emphasize the color desired by consumers. 
  • The lighting for dairy products, has a cool tone, emphasizing the whiteness of milk and cheeses.
  • If you have a counter dedicated to fish and seafood, divide the range by color. If you are selling pink-fledged fish (e.g. salmon), choose a counter with dedicated meat lighting. Mussels and fish with white meat will look best in a counter equipped with white lighting with a cool shade. 
  • Confectionery products look best when lit with warm light. Mild, warm light creates a pleasant atmosphere, which is most often found in traditional family cafes. 
  • The bread is illuminated with warm white light. In this way, we emphasize its crunchiness, yellows and browns, which we most often see on baked goods taken straight from the oven.   
  • White, neutral LED lights are often used to illuminate vegetables, which best reflect the real, varied colors. 


Oświetlenie nabiałowe o kolorze chłodnym dla serów i mleka


Choose the perfect amperage 

In refrigeration appliances, lighting is mounted precisely so that its angle of inclination and intensity ideally present the assortment. However, the choice of a properly lit counter or shelving is not everything. The surroundings of the devices are also important, i.e. the intensity and angle of light in the store itself. In order for the devices to fulfill their task, the light around them should not be too strong.

Refrigerated cabinets where the goods are located behind the glass must be lit with less light than inside. Thanks to this, there are no reflections on the panes, we can see the product and not our own reflection.



Światło ciepłe dla pieczywa i ciast


Appreciate the advantages of LED technology 

You can easily adjust the colors of light, intensity and direction using LED strips and lamps. But it is not everything. LED lighting: 

  • it is energy efficient and will save you money;
  • does not emit heat, ultraviolet or infrared radiation towards the product, thanks to which your products stay fresh longer;
  • LEDs can emit light of different colors, thanks to which you will get the best color of light without additional filters 
  • LEDs can work well in low temperatures and are resistant to mechanical damage, which means longer use and lower costs. 


Światło neutralne dla warzyw i owoców


Every day we design solutions to support your business. Therefore, in our devices you will find dedicated lighting that you can choose yourself in the configurator. Want to talk? Our Customer Service Department will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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