Shelves for a refrigerated cabinet - how to choose the right type of shelves for the device?

Lodówka przemysłowa ekspozycyjna z półkami drucianymi białymi

Shelves for a refrigerated cabinet - how to choose the right type of shelves for the device?

Feb 10, 2022


Do you decide which refrigerated cabinet to buy and want to pick the right accessories to take advantage of the lower price? In this text, we explain and show you what types of shelves you can select depending on your needs and how the wire shelves for the refrigerator actually differ. 


4 types of shelves and 1 overlay


Together with our refrigerated cabinets, you get a set of shelves with supports. In the case of single cabinets (width: 62.5, 72.5 and 82.5 cm) you get a set of 5 shelves. Double cabinets, i.e. those 120, 140 and 160 cm wide, come with a set of 10 shelves. What kind?


As standard, we add white plasticized shelves (protected by fluidization painting). But this is not the only option. Instead of them, you can get: standard acid-resistant shelves, dense and acid-resistant dense shelves. For standard shelves, you can also order a perforated cover made of stainless steel.


Our cabinets are equipped with brackets that allow you to adjust the spacing of the shelves every 7.5 cm. They allow you to adjust the interior to the height of the products you store.


Rodzaje półek do lodówki RAPA



The most important differences between the types of shelves


In addition to the dimensions, the various types of shelves differ, among others the material from which they are made and the density of the "rungs". To be specific:

  • standard (plasticized), painted white, ribbed every 3.5 cm, intended for storing goods weighing not more than 30 kg;
  • standard acid-resistant: they are ribbed every 3.5 cm and designed for a maximum load of 30 kg;
  • dense (plasticized) shelves: painted white, as the name suggests, they have more densely spaced ribbing (every 1 cm) and can accommodate goods with a total weight of 40 kg;
  • dense acid-resistant: ribbed every 1 cm, goods with a total weight of 40 kg can be placed on them;
  • perforated stainless steel pads: this is a solution that allows you to place finer products on the standard shelf that would normally require the use of dense shelves.

Nakładka stalowa na półkę standardową RAPA



How to choose shelves for refrigerated cabinets?


When choosing shelves for a refrigerated cabinet, there are several factors to consider, including the type of products you sell, where the cabinet is located and who will use it.

  1. First, adjust the selection to the type of products offered. If the packages are small, placing them on standard shelves can cause problems. Dense shelves are therefore better suited for placing, for example, bottles with drinks with small capacity on them.
  2. In glazed and double-glazed wardrobes, which are often used by customers themselves, choosing the goods they are interested in, dense shelves or standard shelves with an overlay are better suited. This way, you will avoid awkward situations and a frequently falling assortment. 

For those who like modifications, we have prepared stainless steel perforated pads. By installing them on a shelf, you gain the possibility to place smaller products on a standard shelf. When deciding on such a solution, remember that the covers only fit standard shelves.


Różnica między półkami standardowymi i gęstymi RAPA



How to order shelves?


This is how you already know, standard plasticized shelves are included with each ordered cabinet. Depending on the size of the device, you get a set of 5 or 10 shelves. Their price is included in the purchase cost of the device. Therefore, if you want to replace them with acid-resistant, dense or dense acid-resistant shelves, remember to inform the Customer Service Department employee about it when placing the order. You can also order selected shelves separately, but their price will be different. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the current price list.


Place an order for a wardrobe with a set of selected shelves directly via our website. Go to the "upright refrigerated cabinets" tab, select the device you are interested in and click "Configure product". Create your own configuration and send it to us, and we will contact you to arrange the details of the order.


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