Storage cabinets — choose the best storage option

Storage cabinets — choose the best storage option

Mar 3, 2022

Warehouses and back-up facilities are very important part of the store, and the devices selected for them play a huge role. The quality of the stored food depends on the storage conditions. Not only the comfort of work, but also the success of the business will depend on the equipment of the shop, restaurant or gastronomic premises. 


Cabinets with top or bottom aggregate – hinged or sliding doors?

  • The cabinets used in the back-up facilities have a powder-coated steel housing as standard. It is possible to order any model with a "grinding" stainless steel housing..  
  • All refrigerated cabinets use an ecological refrigerant with an ODP = 0 coefficient and a GWP = 3 coefficient, which mean, respectively, a zero impact on the ozone layer and a low impact on the creation of the greenhouse effect. 
  • If you choose the device with top aggregate, you don’t have to remember to empty the container, because they are equipped with an automatic condensate evaporation system, and additionally, the shelves are located lower, which makes transport of the products easier.  
  • Storage cabinets with 2D and 3D symbols are models with horizontally divided doors. The ability to open only a part of the chamber allows to reduce the loss of cold, hence - electricity.
  • If you have little space, choose a cabinet with sliding doors, which are designed specifically for rooms where the use of hinged doors could be problematic.


Shelves and Euro 2 containers, it’s a good set.


If you want to store your products in the cabinet on the shelves and in EURO 2 container (60cm wide, 20cm high, 40cm deep) – choose 825mm or 1600mm wide cabinet. The load capacity of EURO 2 container equals 30kg (39 liters).


Maximum filling of the cabinet? Choose a device for 21 EURO 2 containers.


If you need a storage cabinet that is to contain EURO 2 containers only, we offer a model with the top aggregate that can accommodate up to 21 of them. This type of cabinets is especially appreciated in gastronomy. Dimensions of the 21-E2 cabinet model: 1600mm wide, 2020mm high, 800mm deep.

By choosing this model, you will get as standard, among the others: 

  • bases for EURO 2 containers - 2 pcs, 
  • inside of the cabinet without partition and shelves, 
  • reinforced bottom of the chamber. 

Details of the device:


You are choosing a cabinet with shelves? See the best options available.


If you decided to choose the cabinet with the shelves, make sure you read our article: Shelves for a refrigerated cabinet - how to choose the right type of shelves for the device?

If you are not sure which accessories to choose, email or call us.



Non-standard solutions? See what we can offer.

Selected models of our cabinets can be adapted to accommodate: 

  • GN containers, 
  • bars for S-type hooks

For non-standard requirements, please contact us. Our R&D Department is open to new challenges, while the Customer Service Department will answer every question and help you choose the right device for your needs.



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