What to use a refrigerated island for in a grocery shop arrangement?

May 29, 2024

Refrigerated islands are devices designed for self-service sales. For this reason, they are best suited to larger grocery shops where customers reach for the goods themselves. The biggest advantage of islands is that they guarantee convenient access to products from all sides and a highly visible display. Their great benefit is also their high mobility, thanks to their relatively small size and the wheels that come as standard. How do you use them in your shop space? Read our mini-guide!



1. Seasonal products at the forefront


There are times of the year when certain sets of food products are extremely popular. This is a perfect opportunity to gather them in one place and instantly suggest to customers that they will need all of them. Good examples of this include items for a picnic or barbecue. You can arrange them side by side in a refrigerated island, and place the device itself right next to the entrance so that its contents immediately encourage purchase. Marking the device with additional slogans or matching graphic elements will attract buyers.



2. Temporary promotions highly visible


Refrigerated islands are great for displaying items that are currently on promotion - you can group them by theme, e.g. regional products, or by type, e.g. cheese or cold cuts. Goods should be marked with highly visible price labels, while it is worth placing stickers or signs on the device itself to inform about the promotion. Once personalised, you can also use the island to advertise products of a specific brand. The entire device can be printed with the brand's corporate identity. This will work well for new product promotions. The island can be placed anywhere in the shop, preferably in a highly visible location that all customers pass by. The detailed dimensions of the device are provided to facilitate the preparation of a precise design.



3. Islands in the refrigeration line


Combining islands into a long refrigeration line is a way of creating a large display area that is comfortable for shoppers. It is an option for larger shops, because there should be enough space on both sides of the row for customers to stop and reach for the products. Refrigerated islands arranged in a line will be perfect for displaying many types of meat, cold cuts, cheese, fish and delicatessen products. They can also comfortably accommodate drinks or cakes. It is important that all products are tightly packed.



4. What else is worth knowing about?


• all products placed in the refrigerated islands should be tightly packed

• it is a good idea to separate different types of assortment by special dividers (ask for them in the Customer Service Department)

• when the shop is closed, devices should be covered with night covers to reduce electricity consumption.

• Islands can be painted in any colour chosen from the RAPA colour chart for an additional charge.



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