Where RAPA devices can be used

Mar 10, 2023

The first and absolutely accurate association regarding the use of RAPA devices is food storage in the grocery shop. Indeed, this is one of the most common uses of them, but not the only one. Cabinets, counters, display cases or flower refrigerators are equipment that is useful in many industries and performs well everywhere! In this article, we have prepared a brief overview of the types of business in which you can use our devices.




Refrigeration devices are indispensable equipment in grocery shops. In large establishments, such as hypermarkets, the following are used

  • Standard and fish counters for meat, fish, cold cuts, cheese, delicatessen products or cakes at service counters
  • warming counters for hot food stands
  • cash counters
  • neutral and refrigerated confectionery display cases for cake and dessert counters
  • multideck refrigerated display and islands for self-service areas
  • bakery and vegetable shelving
  • refrigerated storage cabinets for holding stock surpluses
  • upright freezers for storing frozen products
  • glazed refrigerated cabinets ideal for drinks
  • refrigerated flower counters - for ready-made bouquets

Many devices, such as counters, shelves and refrigerated islands, can be conveniently connected in series.
In shops with a smaller assortment of products, standard refrigerated counters and fish counters, glazed cabinets and back cabinets, confectionery display cases, bakery and vegetable shelves and cash counters are particularly suitable.
At gas stations, glazed and refrigerated storage cabinets, cash counters and confectionery display cases are particularly useful.
In larger outlets, warming counters for serving hot food can also be used.





Medicine and pharmacy are areas where refrigeration devices certainly play a very important role. You can find storage cabinets and glazed cabinets particularly useful

In medical facilities such as hospitals or outpatient clinics and in pharmacies, they are used to store medicines and their components, which require suitably low temperatures.

In medical laboratories, they are used to store reagents or samples that are sensitive to high temperatures.

An additional, extremely important application of RAPA equipment, specifically the specialised CARGO cooling cabinet, is the transport of substances for which it is necessary to maintain cool conditions.




Florists are not directly associated with cold temperatures, although it is favourable for many species of flowers and allows them to be kept in perfect condition for longer.
Consequently, some florists are equipped with cold rooms hidden in the back, invisible to customers. However, these do not solve the problem of displaying flowers in the right thermal conditions. That is why we have created especially for the florist trade:


  • flower refrigerators
  • refrigerated flower counters

They provide the flowers with the optimum temperature and at the same time present them very attractively to the customers.





Confectionery and bakeries are further places where RAPA equipment, both refrigerated and neutral, will find many uses. Among our range you will find many items to equip an establishment of this nature:

  • refrigerated confectionery display cases for delicate pastry with cream, cakes and desserts
  • neutral confectionery display cases for cakes and pastries that require room temperature
  • cash counters - for convenient customer service
  • bakery shelving - for bread rolls, breads and packaged pastries
  • refrigerated storage cabinets - for storing additional products
  • upright freezers




RAPA devices are ideal for cafés and restaurants. The former should be equipped with, among other things:

  • refrigerated confectionery display cases - great for displaying cakes, desserts, sandwiches or drinks
  • neutral confectionery display cases - for products that do not require refrigeration, but still need to be effectively displayed
  • glazed refrigerated cabinets - for cooling drinks
  • refrigerated storage cabinets - for storing goods
  • upright freezer - for storing ice desserts and ice for drinks
  • cash counters - for serving customers and storing essential accessories

In addition to the equipment listed above, in a restaurant you can additionally use:

  • stainless steel tables
  • heated serve over counters




All facilities equipped with kitchens for the preparation of meals served on site and take-away meals cannot function efficiently without:

  • stainless steel tables - robust and functional, easy to keep clean
  • refrigerated storage cabinets - for storing all the necessary ingredients for dishes that require refrigeration
  • upright freezers
  • glazed refrigerated cabinets

In establishments serving quick, ready-made dishes, such as fast food bars or delicatessen outlets, the following will also be very useful:

  • heated serve over counters
  • refrigerated counters
  • refrigerated confectionery display cases
  • refrigerated storage cabinets
  • glazed refrigerated cabinets




Food production is also an area where RAPA equipment can be very useful. It keeps hygiene standards and appropriate storage conditions for both finished products and the components for their production. The most useful here will certainly be:

  • refrigerated storage cabinets
  • upright freezers
  • stainless steel tables




RAPA also offers solutions for transport and logistics. Both the transport and storage of goods requiring refrigeration are made possible by refrigerated cabinets:

  • specialistic CARGO refrigerated cabinet, which can be used both as a transport refrigerator and as a standard storage cabinet (thanks to the possibility of disassembling it from the delivery truck and setting it up in the storage area)
  • refrigerated storage cabinets, which is ideal for storage areas not equipped with a cold room


The above suggestions for the use of our equipment are certainly not exhaustive. We often receive signals from customers about non-standard, but very apt use of our devices, which allows for the realisation of various arrangement solutions.

If you have additional questions about our offer or are not sure which equipment to choose, please contact our Customer Service Department
via e-mail: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl or by phone:
81 742 53 10.




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