Device features
Available colours

Furniture board Platine Grey U12115

Furniture board Gold Craft Oak K003 PW

Furniture board Graphite Grey 0162 PE

Furniture board Black 0190 PE

Furniture board Raw Endgrain Oak K105 PW

Furniture board Charcoal Flow K353 RT

Furniture board Silk Flow K349 RT

Furniture board White North Wood 8508 SN

Furniture board Bavaria Beech 0381 PR

Furniture board Coco Bolo 8995 SN

Furniture board Calvados 1937 PR

Furniture board Venge Luisiana

Furniture board Milk Oak 8622 PR

Furniture board Alpine White W1100ST30

top of the display and front glass in confectionary  display cases


You will gain addistional space as you can store products that don't require cooling on top of the display. You can easily clean the display case due to lifted front glass which gives you free access to all products.


You will ensure safety, because the device uses durable, tempered glass.



tempered glass in confectionary  display cases
dynamic cooling and an air curtain in confectionary  display cases


You will limit losses, because we have used dynamic cooling and an air curtain, which create the best conditions for the products.


You will highlight all the advantages of your products due to the energy-saving LED lighting of each shelf and table top.

energy-saving LED lighting in confectionary  display cases
sliding doors in confectionary  display cases


We have made sliding doors of composite, low emission glass, due to which you will ensure optimal products' storage conditions and their freshness and taste.


You can choose the finish of your device from the wide range of colors and decors.


wide range of colors and decors in confectionary  display cases
Electronic temperature controlle in confectionary  display cases


Electronic temperature controller with clear display allows you to set the best temperature easily. We have build in the automatic condensate evaporation system.


Due to the adjustable legs you will level the device easily. You can easily clean the condenser, because the ventilation grille is closed with a magnet and does not require the use of tools.

adjustable legs in confectionary  display cases
rotary wheels in confectionary  display cases


We give you a possibility of ordering the rotary wheels which will help you to positionthe device at any part of the room, due to the adjustable foot, the device will stand stable.

Standard equipment

Refrigerating unit

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    3rd climatic class
  • icon
    Plug-in unit
  • icon
    Fan assisted cooling (dynamic)
  • icon
    Electronic temperature controller with display from the service side
  • icon
    Pollen filter (reusable)
  • icon
    Air curtain
  • icon
    Automatic condensate evaporation system
  • icon
    Drying system of glass panes


  • icon
    Vent grid lockable with magnet
  • icon
    Glass panes demountable without using tools: sides, top and shelves (apart from the door and front glass pane)
  • icon
    Adjustable legs
  • icon
    Glass cover isolating the glass top of the device
  • icon
    Backlighted bottom of the device
  • icon
    Cover made of laminated board, decor to be chosen from the RAPA pattern


  • icon
    Additional glass worktop inside
  • icon
    Sliding door made of combined, low-E glass panes
  • icon
    LED lighting of each shelf and worktop
  • icon
    Front glass pane flat, vertical, tilted with wire tensioner
  • icon
    All glass panes, worktop and shelves tempered
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Additional equipment

Additional equipment

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    Decor beyond the RAPA pattern
  • icon
    Double electric socket
  • icon
    Set of 4 wheels with regulated foot
  • icon
    Device without aggregate


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    USB temperature recorder (wireless)
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climatic class 3
temperatures range +4°C ÷ +10°C
refrigerant (HFC) R-452A
rated voltage 230 V~ / 50 Hz
rated power 630 W ÷ 680 W
defrostig automatic
model C-A 102 C-A 139
length [cm] 102 139
depth [cm] 89 89
height [cm] 145 145
exposition dimensions: shelf [cm] 38x93 - 3 pcs. 38x130 - 3 pcs.
bottom exposition [cm] 51x93 51x130
shelves spacing [cm] 1x17, 2x19, 1x25 1x17, 2x19, 1x25


At high air humidity (over 60%), Glass and sheet metal retting may occur in C-A confectionery display case. When choosing a device, please refer to its technical specification.

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