A modern refrigerated device, dedicated to impulsive shopping, short exposure and storage of flowers. A flower counter is a self-service device that does not require the presence of a seller. Cascade display and mirror cover, ensures full exposition of bouquets. Shape and dimensions enable convenient access to all articles from any side. A universal solution for any space.
Device features
Available colours
RAL 7016 Anthracite grey - gloss
RAL 9003 Signal white - gloss
RAL 7004 Signal grey - gloss
RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue - gloss
RAL 3020 Traffic red - gloss

stainless steel cover "super mirror" in refrigerated flower counter


You will surprise your customers with vivid colours, due to stainless steel cover "super mirror".


You will show every detail, because the mirror cover and sides made of tempered glass allow you to see every side of the flowers.

 mirror cover and sides in refrigerated flower counter
removable segments  in refrigerated flower counter


You can arrange your compositions freely, because we have equipped the counter in removable segments.
You can easily clean it, becausethe device is made of high quality stainless steel.


You will take care of the environment, because for cooling we used ecological refrigerant R-290. Your flowers will remain fresh for a long time, because we used the dynamic cooling in the device.

dynamic cooling in refrigerated flower counter
panels in refrigerated flower counter


You will show the prices in a visible place, because on the front we put panels for all relevant information.


You will set up a lowtemperature quickly, because we used an electronic controller with a clear display.


electronic controller in refrigerated flower counter
 refrigerated flower counter


You will easily maintain the condenser clean, because you'll get access to it without using it any tools.


You can easily set up the counter in any place, because we have equipped it has 4 wheels, due to  2 brakes the device will stand steadily.

 wheels in refrigerated flower counter
white refrigerated flower counter


You will emphasize the character of your brandbecause we will paint the counter in the colour of your choice.



Gain the dedicated space. Choose from 3 available sizes.   Place in 6, 9 or 12 containers with a diameter of 27 cm, depending on the chosen size of the counter. The containers are not part of the offer. You will save the time of your staff, because your customers will gain convenient access to each bouquet on 3 sides.

3 available sizes in refrigerated flower counter

Standard equipment

Refrigerating unit

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    3rd climatic class
    temperature range inside the device: + 4 ° C ÷ + 10 ° C (at ambient temperature + 25 ° C and relative humidity 60%), ambient temperature range for device operation: + 16 ° C ÷ + 32 ° C
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    Plug-in unit powered with ecological R-290 refrigerant
  • icon
    Fan assisted cooling (dynamic)
  • icon
    Electronic temperature controller with display
  • icon
    Undemanding tools access to cleaning the condenser
  • icon
    Condensate drain into the container


  • icon
    Housing and exposition powder-painted in colour chosen from the RAPA colour chart
  • icon
    Set of 4 rotary wheels (2 with breaks)
  • icon
    Folding device cover for safe transport or for night


  • icon
    Divided bottom of the exposition made of stainless steel (pulled out segments)
  • icon
    Cascade exposition made of grinded stainless steel
    allows to display flower bouquets at different heights
  • icon
    2, 3 or 4 pcs. of price panels placed on the front of the device
    design of the panels allows for efficient exchange of A4 format price lists
  • icon
    Device allows free placement of 6, 9 or 12 pcs. of containers with diameter of 27 cm
  • icon
    Cover made of „super mirror” stainless steel (inner side)
    in open position visually enlarges the exhibition space
  • icon
    Panes made of tempered glass
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Additional equipment

Refrigerating unit

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    Expansion valve R404a / R452a - availability and price upon agreement
  • icon
    Device without aggregate

Additional equipment

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    Powder-painting in any RAL colour


  • icon
    Pollen filter (reusable)
  • icon
    USB temperature recorder (wireless)
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temperatures range +1°C ÷ +10°C (3 kl.)
refrigerant (HC) R-290
rated voltage 230 V~ / 50 Hz
rated power 280 W ÷ 390 W
defrosting automatic
model L-BK 82 L-BK 118 L-BK 145
length [cm] 82 118 145
exposition length [cm] 71 107 134
depth [cm] 95 95 95
exposition depth [cm] 75,5 75,5 75,5
open device height [cm] 191 191 191
closed device height [cm] 118 118 118
space for containers [pcs] 6 9 12
energy class

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