14 tips for properly displaying fruit and vegetables in your store

świeże warzywa i owoce w sklepie

14 tips for properly displaying fruit and vegetables in your store

Jul 21, 2021


The fruit and vegetable stand is an important part of the self-service store - especially in the summer, when we have the full season for fruit and vegetables. Proper display of products, including constant care for their freshness, is a guarantee of high sales. If the stand looks inviting and attracts attention, customers are more likely to add something extra to the basket. How to take care of such stand? Discover what rules of displaying vegetables and fruit should be implemented so that customers will buy more.


What do you need to remember about when displaying vegetables and fruits in the store?


1. Find the right place. The perfect space for a fruit and vegetable stand in a self-service store is right next to the entrance. Present all vegetables and fruits in one area of the store.

2. Bet on quality. The customer will not buy spoiled or damaged products. Therefore, make sure that vegetables and fruits have “healthy” color, they are not bruised or rotten. Check for freshness, softness, and level of maturity. Check all damage on a regular basis, such as cracks, stains, discoloration, signs of aging. During each delivery, it is worth checking the entire assortment in the box at random, including the fruit at the bottom of the collective packaging.

Kolorowe warzywa i owoce na stoisku



3. Make sure you have easy access to the product. Make sure that each product on the vegetable shelf or island can be easily and comfortably reached. You will limit losses, because customers will not constantly move boxes or containers. It is also a good idea to tilt the shelves to maximize the visibility of the assortment.


4. Trust the cooling devices. Not all vegetables and fruits do well when exposed to store temperatures. Some may require slightly cooler conditions to stay fresh longer. So think of an open refrigerated counter or an island.


5. Create the impression of abundance. A huge part of your sales success depends on how you arrange your products. Vegetables and fruits are rich in colors and shapes, so you have a lot to show off. The stand should immediately catch the eye with its abundant and varied assortment. By the way, remember about clear, visible price tags.


6. Sort your products properly. You can do this based on color, i.e. juxtapose vegetables and fruits in contrasting colors. For example, red tomatoes look great next to green cucumbers. It is also worth placing close items that are usually bought together - e.g. tomatoes and lettuce for a salad.


7. Take care of cleanliness. Dirty fruit and vegetables do not look aesthetically pleasing, and the point is to encourage the customer to buy as much as possible. Besides, packing such vegetables is nothing fun. Therefore, carefully wipe them from the sand and get rid of unnecessary shells. Pay particular attention to carrots, parsley and potatoes, as they are the most soil-shedding parts. Just remember: vegetables should not be washed as this shortens their shelf life.


8.  Remember about lighting. It will emphasize the quality and freshness of products and will make the stand more easily attracted by customers. The light on the fruit and vegetables section should be of a neutral color. We wrote more about it HERE.


9. Sprinkle regularly. It's obvious that vegetables and fruit start to wilt and lose their firmness eventually. You can extend their freshness considerably by sprinkling them with water during the day. This type of shower is especially needed by lettuce.


10. Apply the FIFO rule. The principle "First In First Out", is about the constant flow of goods. The vegetables and fruits that entered the warehouse first should leave it first. This way you will prevent products with expiry date from being left behind.


11. React to changes at the stand. Constantly replenish the empty spaces with new products to make sure you don't run out of anything. Besides, such "holes" in the display do not look inviting. If an item is running low, put it into smaller containers. Be sure to remove those vegetables and fruits that have been cut or damaged.


12. Secure products overnight. The most durable vegetables and fruits can easily remain on display, i.e. potatoes, citrus, apples, white cabbage. It is worth covering them with a curtain and taking it off only in the morning. On the other hand, delicate vegetables - such as lettuce, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and carrots - should be stored in a cold store in an appropriate back-up cabinet.



Grupowanie warzyw i owoców w urządzeniu chłodniczym



13. Remember about the necessary additional assortment. Apart from vegetables and fruit, there are also disposable bags. If a customer starts looking for them elsewhere in the store, he may not return to the stand. Under no circumstances should you put them on top of your products, but place them next to them, for example on a rack. A scale will also come in handy, even if the cashier weighs everything. As consumers, we like to know how much we will pay.


14. Enrich your offer. Often, potted herbs are added to the fruit and vegetable stand. The most popular are mint, basil, parsley and coriander, but you can try a much wider assortment. Such plants stay fresh much longer than their cut counterparts. Just don't forget to irrigate regularly.


Do you have any questions about refrigeration equipment to help display vegetables and fruits? Or maybe you want to know other products from our offer that will help you run your business? We are happy to help. All you need to do is contact our Customer Service Department.



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