4 important rules for fish display

Właściwie posegregowany asortyment na stoisku rybnym

4 important rules for fish display

Jun 25, 2021


According to the website Wiadomości Handlowe, the consumption of fish in the world has increased by 122% in the last 30 years. As consumers, we are becoming more and more aware of what fish and seafood we eat. We expect freshness and a wide assortment, at the same time we know that fish are very delicate products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the exposure conditions for this group of products are particularly important if you want to sell them effectively.


You can easily recognize fresh fish by its appearance and smell. Customers will definitely pay attention to whether the skin of the fish at the stand is smooth and shiny, and if its eyes are shiny. The smell of fresh fish is pleasant and easy to recognize. Therefore, if products in this category begin to spoil or are stored in contaminated containers, the customer will quickly notice this and will not buy.


Set up your stand in the best place


The fish stand should be placed in the appropriate place in the store. As mentioned, these products require a constant, low temperature. Therefore, choose a place away from the window, with adequate ventilation and space that allows you to keep sterile clean. When choosing refrigeration equipment, make sure that the lighting used does not increase the temperature inside the chamber.


In large retail outlets, fish stalls are located near meat and dairy products. If you have a small space, make sure the products nearby harmonize with the taste of the fish (e.g. spices, sauces).


Atrakcyjne stoisko rybne



4 rules for arranging displays at a fish stand


In the case of fish and seafood, the display must be impressive. Therefore, fresh fish are placed on ice. A refrigerated counter will best fulfill its function if: 

  1. you will arrange products in single layers
  2. you will divide the assortment into freshwater and saltwater fish, 
  3. you put more expensive products closer to the customer,
  4. at the very top of the display, you will place whole fish that will be clearly visible from a distance (you can use the cascade that divides the bottom of the exposition into steps). 

Speaking of the refrigerated counter, choosing the right fish display unit can also be a challenge. First, you need to make sure that the entire counter can be easily and comfortably cleaned. All containers, the bottom of the display, glass and table-top must always be sterile.


Choose the right refrigerated counter and accessories


Here are the refrigerated counter solutions to help you organize your fish stand:

  • stainless steel display, which is easy to keep clean, 
  • an autonomous drying system for windows, thanks to which the products will always be clearly visible, even in high humidity,
  • a wide top on which you can conveniently pack the product,
  • energy-saving LED lighting,
  • electronic temperature recorder that will allow you to constantly monitor the temperature in the refrigerating chamber.


Ryby ułożone na lodzie



Take care of your products at night


Regardless of how you maintain the display, fish and seafood should be moved to a cold store or freezer when the store is closed. The products should be put into clean containers and properly secured overnight. Clean and disinfect the display devices every day. 


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