5 errors in the use of refrigeration equipment that may cause malfunctions

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5 errors in the use of refrigeration equipment that may cause malfunctions

Dec 2, 2021

There is an unpleasant smell coming from the refrigerator? The device does not cool down and the goods inside go bad? These are the most common problems that hit the website. You can avoid them if you take care of your device properly. We suggest how to do it. 


instrukcja obsługi ikona





Read the instruction manual


This is the first thing you should do before starting your device. The instruction manual contains all the tips for new users, but may also surprise those who think they know their refrigeration equipment very well.


What to look for? The most important tips are where and how to set up the refrigerator and how to fill it with products. At the end, of course, you will find a list of the most common errors and how to solve them, as well as tips on cleaning and maintaining the device.



granica załadunku




Watch out for loading limits


Each device in which we can manipulate the temperature has ventilation holes. It is thanks to them that cold or warm air circulates and cools or heats the products. They must not be covered or blocked, as this will disturb the operation of the entire device and will prevent the desired temperature from being achieved.



niska temperatura produktów



Do not put warm products inside the device


Sometimes we are in such a rush that we forget the basic principles. One of them is that the products should be pre-cooled in order for the device to function properly. Refrigerated cabinets, counters or display windows are used to display products while maintaining the continuity of the cold chain. Inserting warm products inside may even damage the unit, which will work more intensively.


Take care of the condenser


Regular condenser cleaning is an absolute must. In each instruction manual, you will find detailed information on where exactly the condenser is located in your device and how and when it should be cleaned. If you still do not know how to go about it, you can find detailed instructions in this text.


odległości od urządzeń




Make sure that the device is in the right place


Can a refrigeration appliance stand anywhere? Not completely. Remember that any additional heat source (e.g. a different device with an aggregate, window, stove, radiator), and even a cold supply source, e.g. air conditioning outlet) will interfere with the operation of the refrigerator. The device should be placed in a place with a constant temperature, within the range indicated on the label.


Who asks not stray


Do you have questions about a specific device? You need service assistance or prefer a condenser cleaning service to be performed by a professional team. We are here to help, all information can be found in the contact tab.



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