6 refrigeration devices components designed to help you sell

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6 refrigeration devices components designed to help you sell

Oct 21, 2021


Shopping isn't difficult, right? From the consumer's point of view, we often do not realize how many preparations and practical solutions are used to design an effective store. Choosing a cooling device is crucial, because besides keeping your products fresh, they can also boost your sell. How?


The design of the refrigeration appliance includes taking into account those elements that will have a positive effect on the entire buying experience. Find out about 6 elements that are worth having in your store refrigerators for better sales.


1. Optimal device height and exposure depth


The height of individual elements of a refrigeration device (countertops, shelves, exposition) is of great importance to the staff. Designer should take into account both customer and service requirements. In the latter case, the depth of exposure and access to all nooks and crannies are very important, thanks to which it is easier to reach for specific products and keep the devices clean.


2. Tempered glass


In our devices, tempered glass is a standard. Thanks to them, the device is safe and durable. Glazed surfaces allow you to present the entire range of products. Glass also makes the assortment stand out. They help to keep the temperature cool while maintaining full visibility.



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3. Adequate light


The times when lighting was supposed to "deceive" the customer are long gone. Today, energy-saving LEDs are designed to highlight all the advantages of the products sold and help you make a decision. During installation, we take care of the appropriate light intensity and its orientation so that it does not reflect on plastic packaging or dazzle the customers.


4. Display shelves and tops

We appreciate comfortable devices that have space to work. Look for these options if you are investing in functional appliances: 

  • shelf from the customer's side, on which the basket can be placed (so-called relling),
  • reinforced top on which the seller can put the products,
  • a worktop that can be cut, packed and weighed. 


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5. Price strips


How often does the customer ask you about the price of the product? An unmarked assortment will discourage anyone from buying as most of us plan our budget before going to the store. Price strips placed on the shelves of refrigerated displays or shop furniture make it easier to mark products and allow you to display the promotion. Communication with the customer benefits, there is less chaos, and employees have time for other duties.


6. Mirrors


They create the illusion of more space, but this is not the only argument for looking for a device with a mirror. Thanks to the mirrors, we can see the parts of the products that are on the back. For example, beautiful flower arrangements in a flower refrigerator, which - equipped with a mirror instead of a panoramic glass - will show all the advantages of bouquets.


We design with your success in mind


Our cooling devices are made with passion. In each of them you will find solutions that will facilitate everyday work, highlight the assortment and ensure the convenience of your employees and customers. Contact us, let's build a comfortable commercial space together.



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