6 steps ahead of the competition with SiX line

6 steps ahead of the competition with SiX line

Dec 10, 2019

What is the difference between meat, dairy products and any assortment sold by your competitors? Why this offer will attract customers? We have created a modern line of refrigerated counters and among others such questions were the starting point in the design process. Our search was not about a new refrigeration appliance, but about responding to the basic needs and challenges that the modern market puts before us. Years of experience and customer suggestions have set the direction for the development of a new line of refrigerated counters.

Six steps ahead of the competition are six steps closer to the customer:

1. Judge the counters by the cover

Imagine a cooling counter that looks as if its glorious years were long past, dominated by bright colors and plastics. Do the products displayed in it - regardless of their actual condition - look fresh, healthy, trustworthy and attractive? We probably don't have to answer this question. Our counters are not only modern design, but above all thought-out design. The quality of materials, construction and colors will catch the eye of even the most demanding customers. The wood grain pattern adorns the front panels, combining modern form with tradition and nature. All in order to generate positive emotions for potential clients. The available range of colors makes it easy to integrate the counter in any interior. It is worth remembering that when you decide to change the decor, it is enough to change the front panel of the device and choose the right colors. It is a universal solution and above all economical. Cooling counter is the proverbial cover for products sold, "packaging", which affects the quality with which customers will identify you. This is our first step towards the customer.

2. The need is the mother of invention

Appearance is obviously not everything. SiX counters can be easily adapted to the aesthetics of the interior, but also flexibly combined with each other in cooling strings. We have two counter lengths - 135 and 197 cm. We have also prepared additional modules. Thanks to corner counters, external and internal, we can connect devices at a right angle, create solutions tailored to your needs. When designing devices, we paid special attention to the freedom to compose a commercial space. Appropriate arrangement will directly affect the convenience and favorable customer experience.

3. Show them

Let's move to the battlefield now. Yes, we are talking about exposure and the fight for customer attention. The sum of small details often subconsciously affects purchase decisions. In this skirmish we are on the same "side of the counter". We took care of the appropriate "arsenal". We have already mentioned the aesthetic value of the entire device. Let's focus now on the exhibition. Its main advantage is the size - up to 187 cm long and 75 cm deep. Products presented in such space will benefit a lot. Toughened glass will ensure safety and durability. An independent window drying system will ensure their perfect condition. Depending on the form of sale, counters may have a closed or open exhibition. The open exhibition is great for self-service sales. Closed exhibition is two types of glass - straight or curved. This is another choice that we share with you. Personalization that co-creates the image of the company and products sold.

For a distinct exposure, lighting with the right color is important. We also included this aspect. We offer a red fluorescent lamp dedicated to meat and sausage products as well as a neutral, white fluorescent lamp, e.g. suitable for dairy products. The right color will highlight the products, give them a juicy and fresh look that the customer will not be able to resist. The third step is half the battle.

4. Second youth

Who among us does not want to stop time or even slow it down? No seller likes when his assortment is wasted. Optimization in this area brings measurable savings, which is why we have devoted special attention to this issue. The use of a dynamic cooling system with a fan, refined airflow rate, precise control of temperature maintenance and adequate humidity - this is our holy grail of as long freshness as possible. The innovative use of two cooling systems is a double assurance that your products are in good hands, or rather in the right counter. Let's give products one more chance to meet the customer.

5. Any moment

Daily responsibilities have the property that there are only more of them over time. Handling the counters, taking care of their cleanliness, maintenance, arranging and storing goods is included in the schedule every day. You can't skip these steps, but you can make them simpler and less time consuming. Opened windows with a lift-up system of cylinders are a convenient solution that the stand staff will appreciate. The window that opens up provides convenient access to the exhibition. Keeping it clean and replacing the range is extremely easy. Stainless steel pull-out segments at the bottom of the exhibition will further speed up the work. We have introduced many solutions, paying attention to the comfort of work. A friendly, electronic temperature regulator, automatic condensate evaporation system, tool-free access to condenser cleaning, and a spacious storage room are just some of them. Employees are also customers, let's care about their convenience. The time saved is more profitable.

6. Global warming of electricity bills

We follow positive trends with commitment, especially when their goal is to protect the surrounding nature. Developing modern solutions for current and future generations is one of our statutory demands. The ecological refrigerant R-290, which we use in devices, is part of our strategy. Its properties and performance, combined with automatic systems optimizing temperature distribution, increase savings in power consumption. The golden maxim: "The interior counts" - in this case it takes on a new meaning when we add up the bills. We are introducing environmentally-friendly and pocket-friendly solutions with real satisfaction. This is a step towards the client, which he may not notice, but future generations for sure.


Yes, there are actually seven steps :) The last one is done by you. We are always there when we need help, advice and ordinary human kindness. Our devices are intended primarily to serve you, which is why we are open to individual needs and custom solutions. We take responsibility for the quality of our products.

We invite you to six steps - ahead of the line with the SiX line.



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