A guide to store equipment - how to choose a refrigerated counter

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A guide to store equipment - how to choose a refrigerated counter

Jan 8, 2021

Refrigerated counters are used to display food products, often those that no longer have any protective packaging (e.g. cheese, meat). They require the presence of a seller, so it is important that both the equipment and the construction of the device support everyday work.

Refrigerated furniture is part of the standard equipment of today's stores. Thanks to them, you can store products at the right temperatures, you care for their freshness and availability. The choice of this type of device is influenced by a number of factors. Today we suggest what to look for when buying a refrigerated counter.

Analyze standard equipment and learn about the specifications of the counter

The refrigerated counter is part of the equipment and must meet certain technical and aesthetic requirements. When browsing the assortment of counters, pay attention to:

  • Build. Due to the fact that refrigerated counters are intended for storing food, they should be made of the highest quality materials, resistant to damage and easy to clean and disinfect. Toughened glass and stainless steel construction ensure safety and long service life.
  • Cooling and blowing. The cooling system ensures the right temperature inside the device. Counters with gravity cooling do not adversely affect the drying of the products. An additional autonomous drying system for windows (available as standard in our SiX counters and as an option in other models) additionally supports the proper operation of the device even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Convenience of use. The counter must be easy to use. Note that it has an automatic condensate evaporation system and condenser access that does not require the use of tools. This will shorten the maintenance time and make it easier to keep the device clean.
  • Design. Straight or bent front windows? Panels painted in color or made of furniture board? These are just some of the questions that will arise when you see how many variants a refrigerated counter can have. However, remember that functionality should be its primary feature. So pay attention to:
    • storage capacity and door width,
    • exposure depth,
    • materials used (stainless steel works best),
    • easy access to nooks and crannies.

Today you can easily find counters in many different colors (check, for example, our L-B3) or with furniture board decors (used in the SiX line). Modern devices emphasize the brand of the store, create positive associations with customers and make the interior refined.

  • The way of opening the front windows. We recommend those counters whose front windows are opened upwards. Thanks to this, it is easier to keep them clean, and in tight spaces they do not take up additional space on the sides.
  • Lighting. Dedicated to product groups (meat or dairy), it positively affects the quality of the display. Energy-efficient LED lighting will not only have a positive effect on electricity bills, but also will not damage products.


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Set up individual counters or combine them in lines?

Is your store big enough to hold several refrigerated counters? We recommend that you consider installing a line of counters at the beginning of planning the arrangement of devices. This will allow for a consistent construction. You save some space that would take up the extra sides of each counter.

Also, consider installing two (or more) devices if you want to store different products in them. Especially those that require different lighting. We illuminate meat and sausages differently than dairy products, as we wrote about in the article: Play with light - how to choose the right lighting that matches the assortment.

Inserting a partition is a good solution if two dedicated counters will not fit into the room. However, remember that the right light can work on your sales figures, and it's really worth taking advantage of.

Since we are talking about lines of counters, it is worth mentioning corner counters, which are great for organizing store space. Small extensions divided into external and internal allow you to separate long exposures at an angle and combine them more functionally



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Choose add-ons that will save your time

Standard equipment is not everything. Depending on the model, you can purchase additional accessories for refrigerated counters or modifications tailored to your needs. From non-standard decors to elements that will significantly affect the convenience and efficiency of service. Among the additional equipment, it is worth paying special attention to:

A stainless steel cascade - this is a proposition for people who particularly care about the display of their products. Thanks to it, you will gain additional visibility and easier divide the assortment into groups.

An overlay for a cash register or a scale - thanks to which the table-top will last longer. It is mobile, so it additionally supports work and movement along the device.

An additional double electric socket that will allow you to connect an additional device and save you the trouble of using extension cords.

A set of 4 wheels with an adjustable foot - a good solution that will allow you to move the counters. If you regularly rearrange your furniture or need it to be mobile, invest in durable wheels that you can adjust yourself.


When to buy a refrigerated counter?

We strongly recommend that you do not put off buying a refrigerated counter until the last moment. Unlike shelves or back-end cabinets, these are quite spacious devices, the arrangement of which should be carefully planned. Our representatives will help in the dimensioning of the space, choose the best products and plan the assembly, which is going really smoothly.



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