A-line refrigerated counters

Jun 21, 2024

A refrigerated counters are some of the first devices in our offer. Over the years they have undergone a number of improvements and modifications, in line with our customers' suggestions and changing market requirements. However, they have invariably provided high-quality cooling and comfortable display space for your products since the very beginning. Check out what else the A, A1, A2 and A3 models have to offer!


First of all, the refrigeration system


We designed the A-series counters in climate class 3, using an plug-in unit powered by the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-290, and they operate within a temperature range of +1°C ÷ +10°C. We have used gravity cooling in the counters and the condensate drainage is carried out into a container hidden inside the device.

As an optional extra, we offer the installation of an automatic condensate evaporation system and a window drying system. It is also possible to additionally secure the evaporator with a special protective coating. It is also optionally available without a unit.






Durable and strong housing


As standard, the housing in models A and A1 is made of steel painted in RAL signal white (colours available at an extra charge) , and in models A2 and A3 the housing is painted in the colour of your choice from the RAPA colour chart. As an additional option, the housing can be made of stainless steel and painted in the customer's individual colour. The sides of model A are made of grey laminated board, while models A1 and A2 are made of HIPS material in a colour chart from RAPA. For model A3, the silver-grey sides are made of HIPS material and filled with environmentally friendly polyurethane foam. The front of the device in the entire A range is made of HIPS material as standard in the RAPA colour chart and is finished with grey PVC bumpers. The counters are equipped with adjustable legs so that they can be easily levelled out, even on uneven floors. For an extra charge, they can be exchanged for a set of 4 wheels with adjustable feet or a leg cover can be ordered (A2 and A3 models come as standard).

On A-line counters, we install the double electrical socket on the operating side to the right of the device. If necessary, the location of the socket can be changed to the left side, an additional double socket can be ordered or the socket can be dispensed with altogether.

One of the most important elements of the equipment of refrigerated counters is certainly the worktop, which facilitates the work of the staff. As standard in model A, it is made of grey laminated board, 28 cm wide, and for an extra charge we can fit a grinded stainless steel worktop or stainless steel "canvas" type, as well as a granite worktop. In the models A1, A2 and A3 we fit a stainless steel worktop of the "ground" type as standard. All worktop types can be ordered in an extended version. In addition, you can also order a stainless steel top overlay for the cash register or scales.




All A line counters are available in 5 lengths: 122 cm, 137 cm, 152 cm, 179 cm, 201 cm, while the A, A1, A2 models come in 3 depths: 82 cm (display depth 40.5 cm), 90 cm (49 cm) and 107 cm (65.5 cm), while the A3 model can only be ordered in a depth of 107 cm. The height of all A line counters is 122 cm (exposure height 18 cm).





A glimpse of the exposure


The A counters are fitted with toughened straight, diagonal divided front windows, finished with a glass top. They also have an internal stainless steel top with soft bumpers. The divided, removable display bottom is made of stainless steel "mirror". For a depth of 107 cm, a sloping display bottom can be ordered as an accessory, as well as a glass shelf in the display section and a fixed display partition made of tempered glass for separating different types of products.

We install LED lighting in the device, the colour of which can be adjusted to the type of assortment.

The counters have an electronic thermometer on the customer side, as well as night covers. .






Extra storage space


An important advantage of the A-line counters are the cooled storage units located in the space below the display. Threshold-free storage bottoms are made of stainless steel. We paint the storeroom door with a magnetic seal in the same colour as the housing. The storage units can be additionally equipped with a fixed partition. There is an additional uncooled storage space underneath the storage units.





Useful accessories


The A-series counters can be supplemented with useful accessories such as a cutting board, stainless steel cascade "mirror" - 33 cm deep (for counters 107 cm deep), a customer front shelf - railing, a movable display partition in PET plastic or tempered glass, a wireless USB temperature recorder and a night cover in PET plastic..






If you would like to find out more about the A-line refrigerated counters or other devices in our range, please call us on 81 742 53 10 or write on: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to answer any questions!





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