A practical accessory or a necessity? Discover the benefits of having a cash counter

Line of refrigerated counters with cash counter

A practical accessory or a necessity? Discover the benefits of having a cash counter

Sep 2, 2021


Do you sometimes find yourself in a store where the seller gives you products, almost throwing them over the glass of the refrigerated counter? It has certainly happened to each of us and, unfortunately, it will happen again. Luckily, some counters have a roof on which you can put the goods. Still, reaching for shopping can be troublesome when, for example, we hold a basket in our hand. However, a small piece of furniture, adjusted to the refrigerated counter, is enough for the contact with the seller and the handover of goods to be comfortable for both parties. It's about the cash desk, of course.


What is a cash counter?


Sometimes we call it an "attachment" is a small piece of furniture that complements the appearance and dimensions of the refrigeration equipment in a given string or setting. Its dimensions and design can be selected for the selected refrigerated display cabinets (follow the marking of the same line).


The front of the cash counter should match the appearance of the refrigerated display counters in terms of shape and colour. In this way, you get a natural extension of the cooling line and a consistent overall appearance. From the service side, checkout counters offer storage space, which is one of the many benefits.


Different cash counters


Why is the cash desk the most frequently chosen supplement to refrigerated counters?


A well-planned store is one where the customer's path is carefully designed and the meeting with the seller is convenient for both parties. Hence the need to have furniture that will allow you to "breathe" for a moment and pay for purchases comfortably. However, there are more benefits of having a cash counter:

  1. Thanks to the cash counter, you gain space where you can set up a payment terminal or a cash register.
  2. You can engage directly with the customer, advise and - simply - sell more.
  3. You gain a place where you can conveniently put the products purchased by the customer and free yourself from the need to serve them through the display of the refrigerated counter.
  4. There are additional shelves and drawers at service’s disposal, in which you can store accessories useful during the sale, e.g. paper bags, napkins, rolls of paper for cash register, notebooks, etc.
  5. With the counter, you can plan the customer's path better  and separate groups of products that require a different exposure, e.g. meat from cheese.    

Series of refrigerated counters with cash caounter from six line



How to choose a cash counter? 


To answer this question, we must first determine what space we have at our disposal and how we want to influence the way the customer moves around the store.


Cash counters are available in different shapes:

  • straight cash counters form one line with refrigeration devices, usually set along the wall;
  • corner cash counters complete the sets, where the customer's path takes place at different angles. The corner can be external and internal.

First, choose refrigerated display counters, depending on the assortment you will be selling. By choosing one line of counters, you can freely choose several devices that will match not only visually, but also in terms of dimensions and materials used.


Then take a look at the checkout counters and see which models fit your chosen refrigeration appliances. Put them together to get as much space as possible for your customers and service.


Remember to choose an attachment in the same colour or colour combination as for the refrigerated counters. Such devices look best when they give the impression of one common string.


It's hard to imagine? We come to the rescue!


You can match the appropriate attachment to each refrigerated counter. Below you will find a few visualizations in which we will show you how to modify and assemble devices.


Standard refrigerated counters with corner cash counter


Set of blue refrigerated counters with cash counter


Set of green refrigerated counters with cash counter

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