Christmas decorations meant to warm every heart

Świąteczne dekoracje w sklepach, shop christmas decorations

Christmas decorations meant to warm every heart

Dec 3, 2020

Snow, the Christmas tree, last-minute feverish search for gifts, warming tea with lemon and finally a family atmosphere. We can have many associations with Christmas. But they have one thing in common, it is a special time for all of us.

Even if this year's holidays are different from the previous ones, it is worth maintaining good customs and decorating the store at the beginning of December. Why? Because there is something magical about decorations!


kreatywne dekoracje świąteczne



December is the perfect time to embellish the reality outside your window with a pinch of magic. Decorating the store during the Christmas period was meant to support retail trade, arouse the interest of the buyer and awaken the desire to discover something new, prepared especially for this occasion. 

However, in 2020, we are trying harder not only to increase sales. By arranging, decorating and changing the space around us, we also change our attitude. This year we definitely need more warmth, so we decorate earlier than usual to enjoy the festive atmosphere longer. Therefore, we set aside "ordinary" promotions and decorate shop windows, windows, shelves and cash registers with decorations that "warm" the hearts of customers and take them to a different reality.



When planning your Christmas decorations, think carefully where you can hang them. Don't limit yourself, because the more energy and festive atmosphere you smuggle between the shelves, the more unique emotions you will arouse in your customers. You can decorate everything:

  • the exhibition (of course) that invites customers inside,          
  • shelving,          
  • refrigerated and cash counters,          
  • hanging elements like posters,          
  • the surroundings of cash register.     


While the largest retail stores compete in decorations each year, we suggest that your store should be decorated with heart. Decorations don't have to cost a fortune. Gesture and authenticity count. You just need to focus on a few basic elements.


Dekoracje w formie prezentów




First: lights. They will add energy and warmth. You can choose whole garlands with small lights for window decoration. A site that lights up the street on short winter days will always attract attention. The more light in your store, the better. 

Second: the right colors. Think about what you associate December and holidays with. For example, you can choose white and symbolically bring a little frost and snow down into the room. A combination of red and gold or green and silver will also be great at Christmas. You can also use the colors of your brand to create your own unique combinations.

Third: use subtle accessories with humor. Small references to holidays that will appear throughout the store are a great way to use in minimalist interiors. Choose one such item, it can be a St. Santa Claus's hat, a miniature bauble in one color or shiny ribbons. Place them throughout the store on selected items to accompany customers while shopping.


Fourth: apply additional holiday markings in the store. If you have a larger budget and want to completely change your store, change the "ordinary" all-year alley markings to those that will be clearly associated with holidays. For example, you might tag your cake aisle with "Christmas Baking". 


Dekoracje minimalistyczne



We have established that the most important thing in holiday decorations is commitment and willingness. But in trade, it's all about being creative. This year's trends can also be your inspiration:


  1. multimedia exhibitions with the use of screens and holiday animations. Maybe it is not a very creative idea, but it will be appreciated by modern consumers who will be able to watch an interesting animation while waiting in line. The advantage of this solution is that you can use such a screen for various occasions.     
  2.  "frosted" messages on window for passersby. The Christmas message does not have to be limited to the words "Merry Christmas!". You will arouse the most emotions when the message on the window hits the customer's needs. Between the snowflakes made of artificial snow, you can write: "Welcome, it's warm inside!"    
  3. geometric decorations for simplicity lovers. Sometimes the shape alone is enough to make the message clear. Green cardstock rolled up into a cone can be a "Christmas tree" and the snow can be successfully "played" by polystyrene balls. Elegant display case ready.     
  4. A flat Christmas tree on the wall is the perfect solution for tiny shops. It can be constructed of various materials. The key to success is keeping the correct shape. Simple and effective.      
  5. Gift boxes (empty of course) that we associate with mystery and expectation. They are perfect for places where we try to maintain an elegant atmosphere.  


The best decorations are definitely those that create an atmosphere of warmth and make the store just want to be in. It's worth putting some effort into creating a magical place, especially this year.

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