Create a paradise for flowers and extend their freshness - tips for professionals and amateurs

Create a paradise for flowers and extend their freshness - tips for professionals and amateurs

Mar 25, 2021


When the outside temperatures rise, it is a sign that you should prepare for more frequent watering of cut flowers and water changes. Flower shop owners know a lot of ways to extend the life of plants. Of all of them, the best thing is… cold. How low temperature helps in running florists and selling flowers, and what solutions for florists have manufacturers of cooling devices prepared? You will find all the answers in this article.


Low temperature has a beneficial effect on flowers

Are you wondering what are the benefits of keeping flowers at low temperature? Refrigerators are placed in flower shops mainly to limit losses. If you are a florist, the low temperature in the shop is your ally because:

  1. it slows down the development of flowers and buds, making the flowers last longer for sale individually and in a bouquet;
  2. it reduces the evaporation of water from the leaves and thus the amount of water taken by plants from the container, thus reducing water consumption;
  3. it reduces the intensity of ethylene biosynthesis, which promotes the destruction of chlorophyll, aging and shedding leaves, so plants stay healthy longer;
  4. it limits the growth of bacteria and diseases.

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What temperature is best for flowers?

In simplified terms, it is assumed that flowering plants (cut flowers and potted flowers) should be stored in a room where the temperature is between 5 °C and 8 °C. Cut flowers, they should be immersed in water at a temperature similar to that in the room (not lower), to a depth of 5-7 cm.

If you have a special cold store or warehouse in your flower shop, remember to store individual species and types in separate containers. The cut greens - of course - keep in separate dishes. Whenever space allows, separate it from the flowers that give off fragrances. You can use polyethylene or cellophane insulation for this purpose.  

If your flower shop has no room for a cold store or a refrigerated warehouse, a see-through flower refrigerator will be the best solution for you. Thanks to it, you will not only maintain the optimal temperature and humidity for flowers, but also display flowers or ready-made bouquets. The refrigerator has been designed for those florists who want to increase the sale of ready-made bouquets and keep them fresh for longer. You can equip the device to meet your needs, check the configurator.

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How to care for cut flowers - simple tips


You bought a bouquet straight from our flower counter, and you want to make sure that they will look fresh in your home for a long time. We have some tips for you that any amateur can handle.


Remember that if you take care of cut flowers properly, they will repay you with a beautiful appearance for the next 7, even up to 12 days. However, before we go over the methods that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful bouquet a few days longer, remember that some species naturally handle it better. These include: roses, lilies, freesias, daisies and sunflowers. It is worth choosing them if you want to give someone a bouquet as a gift.


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A fresh bouquet for longer in 5 easy steps

  1. Choose the right vase. Contrary to appearances, you do not have to keep tall flowers in a tall container. For example, peonies that have larger and "heavier" flowers should be cut short and placed in a low vase where they rest firmly against each other. It is better to put lighter, more delicate flowers in a tall vase. In both cases, remember not to place the plants too tightly.
  1. Cut a few centimeters of the stem - use sharp scissors or a knife and cut so that the tip of the stem is sharp (cut at an angle). Thanks to this, the flowers will not lie flat on the bottom of the vase, and thus - they will take up water better. Trim the flowers every few days to keep them fresh.
  1. Get rid of the leaves that are below the waterline - this will make the bouquet look better, but will also prevent bacteria from growing and plants from rot.
  1. Water wisely - the vase should be clean, filled with water at room temperature. You can add an agent that will extend the life of the flowers. Also, remember to wash the vase with every water change (approximately every 2-3 days).
  1. Avoid direct sun, heat, drafts and ... fruit. The flowers will keep their beautiful appearance for longer in a cool room. Therefore, do not expose the vase to direct sunlight, and do not place it near a radiator or fireplace. Drafts and air conditioning can also result in faster water loss. Also, flowers should not stand close to the fruit, because as they ripen, they secrete ethylene, which causes, among others, faster aging and dying of leaves.

Sell ​​flowers smarter


The right temperature for storing flowers is a way to run your florist business smarter. Get ready for rising temperatures and order a cooling gazebo for flowers or a counter, thanks to which you can sell ready-made bouquets in a self-service system. Do you have any questions? We are at your disposal.


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