Do not make these 4 mistakes if you want to avoid calling teh Technical Support

Błędy przy ustawianiu urządzeń

Do not make these 4 mistakes if you want to avoid calling teh Technical Support

Jan 28, 2021


Are you wondering why your device gets hot? Or maybe you hear the aggregate "clicking" from time to time, and you don't know what is causing it. Most faults can be avoided if you plan the arrangement of the devices in the room carefully. Today we reveal the most common mistakes that lead to higher electricity bills and the need to call the service.


First: plan a space for action


One of the most important steps is to properly plan the arrangement of furniture and refrigeration devices in a restaurant's kitchen, warehouse or store. It allows you to find space for equipment, convenient passages and predict paths that will be followed by employees or customers. 


Planning will not only allow you  to measure all distances. Thanks to the fact that you carefully look at the room, you will avoid 4 serious mistakes and thanks to this your devices will work smoothly for years.


Choose the right climate class


When choosing a device for your business, carefully check its climate class. Among the refrigeration devices, most often you will find those that work in:

  • 3rd climate class, for which the ambient temperature must be between + 16 °C and + 25 °C,
  • 4th climate class, if the temperature around your device is between + 18 °C and + 30 °C.

Why is it so important? The ambient temperature affects what temperature you can get inside the device. This, in turn, affects the freshness of food products and the safety of their storage. In addition, if the permissible ambient temperature is exceeded, the device may consume more electricity, work less efficiently and louder.


Also, remember that the ambient temperature is also affected by sunlight that enters the room. The refrigerator should not be placed right outside the window or in any other place where the sun's rays (even from behind the window glass). Any additional heat source will adversely affect the operation of the refrigeration appliance.


Planuj pomieszczenie, by urządzenia działały poprawnie



Adequate ventilation


In a professional kitchen, you are certainly planning additional ventilation or air conditioning. Remember not to point the exhaust vent directly at the refrigeration appliance. Why?

  • Ventilation may disturb the air circulation in the device and cause it to malfunction,
  • If, for example, you direct a stream of warm air onto a refrigerated counter, the device will have to work longer to maintain the right temperature, which will result in energy loss;
  • Air from ventilation or air conditioning contains moisture which will accumulate in forms on the evaporator.

Distance to other devices and more


Stoves and other appliances with an aggregate also generate heat during operation. For the refrigeration appliance to run smoothly, place it at a suitable distance from other heat sources.


When planning the arrangement of refrigeration appliances, also take into account the distance you need to leave from the ceiling and walls. The air that escapes through the ventilation grille needs space. For example, the distance between the ceiling and the refrigerated cabinet with the top unit must be at least 60 cm. 


Watch the temperature of the products and their proper arrangement


The products to be stored in the refrigeration appliance must not be too warm. Remember that the goods should be pre-cooled, maximum 4 °C warmer than the temperature at which they will be stored.


In each manual you will also find instructions on how the products should be disassembled for the device to work efficiently and safely. It also indicates those elements of the device that you cannot cover so as not to block the flow of air inside.


Opary i ciepło może uszkodzić urządzenie



You need to pay attention to this


All these errors can lead to damage to the device components and the necessity to call for service or repair. So every time your device starts to work louder, the thermostat shows a high temperature (HI) alarm, or you hear a "clicking" noise, check if you do not make any of the errors described above.


Remember to clean and maintain it regularly


Regular and proper cleaning of the appliance is the best you can do to keep your refrigerator working properly. We wrote about it in the article: How to properly keep refrigeration devices clean.


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help. Contact our Technical Support or Customer Service Department. All information can be found in the "Contact" section.



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