Elegance in standard - see the refreshed F and F Max counters

Lady chłodnicze w ciągu z panelem dekoracyjnym

Elegance in standard - see the refreshed F and F Max counters

Jan 27, 2022

Design is important to you, regardless of whether you choose a standard or premium model. After all, commercial spaces must have that "something" to attract customers. That is why we have redesigned the standard counters from the F and F Max lines, which you can now order in a new, elegant version.


Shop refrigerated counters in the premium version


This is just the beginning of the changes that we have started with refreshing the standard counters from the F and F Max lines. It is a model that - similar to the SiX line counters - offers a large display space and the possibility of modification. This line includes both large and small refrigerated counters with a straight front glass. What exactly has changed?

In the new version, we have removed the bumpers, the front is smooth and elegant. We have introduced as many as 20 different furniture boards from which you can choose. All available decors can be found in our latest colour and decors chart (you can download it here).


Ciąg lad chłodniczych z frontem drewnianym


Why did we decide to refresh the design of the F line? Because we produce these counters in as many as 7 different size variants (6 for the F models and 2 for the F Max models) in the case of the simple models themselves, you can fully equip the entire meat-sausage and dairy stand. For demanding customers, we also have corner counters that allow you to arrange the corner of the room and additional cash counters (in straight and corner variants).


Combine and arrange into cooling lines


Counters from the F and F Max lines are devices with an internal unit that can be assembled into cooling lines. They are an absolute must-have for a grocery store. In the pictures, you will find our inspiration for the device of the F counters store in the new version.


Lady F w ciągu z ladą narożną - front z płyty meblowej


The F line refrigerated counters are not only well-designed, but also functional and easy-to-use. Discover the benefits of having counters from the F and F Max lines in your store:

  • you will take care of the environment with the ecological refrigerant R-290;
  • you can easily set and control the temperature inside the chamber, thanks to the electronic temperature controller with a display from the staff side; 
  • you will save time and nerves, because you do not need any tools to get to the condenser;
  • you can easily level and set the counter thanks to adjustable legs;
  • you will attract the customer's attention because the housing is illuminated with energy-saving LED lights;
  • you can easily keep the device clean, because the bottom of the display is made of stainless steel, you can also remove the segments for cleaning; 
  • you will enjoy using the threshold-free, roomy storage space under the exposition.


Ciąg lad chłodniczych z ladą narożną - dekor z płyty meblowej


Configure devices and order online


On our website, you can freely configure and combine the appearance and equipment of refrigerated counters. All you need to do is find the counter you are interested in and go to the configurator (click the "configure product" button). You can also send such a configuration to us, and we will contact you, advise you (if you have any doubts) and arrange the details of the order.


Go directly to the configurator of the F refrigerated counter with wooden front: CONFIGURE

Go directly to the configurator of the F refrigerated counter with wooden front: CONFIGURE


You can still order the F and F Max counters in the traditional version with a bumper. You can find all variants here.



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