FIFO or FEFO? Choose the best method of product storage

Kolejność wystawiania produktów na regałach ma znaczenie

FIFO or FEFO? Choose the best method of product storage

Aug 4, 2021


We have written more than once about the importance of introducing an appropriate method of segregating and flowing individual products from warehouse to store and to the customer's basket. Depending on what you are selling, there may be several such methods. Your task is to choose and implement the one that will be the best for you and your client.


FIFO method


FIFO stands for First In First Out. This is one of the most frequently used methods that allow you to organize the flow of goods similar to a queue. The product that enters it first is the first to leave. It is suitable for products with a clearly defined use-by date. The FIFO principle is very simple, and thanks to it, you can be sure that the products from a given batch will not remain in stock.


When using this method, you should carefully check the expiration dates during deliveries. It happens that the goods imported later will have an expiry date shorter than the batch you already have in stock. It should then be directed to the beginning of the "queue" to provide the customer with the freshest possible products.


How to apply FIFO in refrigeration equipment?


In refrigerated display cases, the products that should be dispensed first should be close to the seller, who will monitor the freshness of the products in each batch of the display.


In devices for sale in a self-service system (e.g. glass refrigerated cabinets), the goods with the shortest expiry date should be placed closest to the customer. Further down the shelf, set up a party that may last longer. The customer will reach for the products he has closest to.


Fefo w sklepie



With the LIFO method, it's easier to reach for products


Stocks of goods in warehouse can also be collected using the LIFO method, which means Last In First Out. The principle of its operation is opposite to that of FIFO. In LIFO, what you take to the warehouse last comes out first.


Does it apply to trade? In the case of food, it will not work, but for stacking shopping carts or products that are not afraid of the passage of time, by all means.


Use the FEFO method to sell food products


FEFO stands for First Expired, First Out. It assumes that products with the best-before date ending first must leave the warehouse at the earliest. This is the most common rule for goods with a specific, often short expiry date, i.e. food. Following the FEFO principle allows you to control the freshness of products in refrigeration equipment and plan their sale.




The principle of issuing goods from the warehouse is determined on the basis of what kind of assortment we are dealing with. At the same time, proper organization and knowledge of individual rules allow you to plan the warehouse, product rotation, and in a broader perspective also the work of sellers or orders.


Regardless of which method you use, refrigeration and freezing equipment help to maintain the continuity of the cold chain and guarantee the preservation of high-quality products. We encourage you to contact us, we will help you plan your commercial space, set up devices and select the right ones for your assortment.



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