Flower refrigerator – a compendium

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Flower refrigerator – a compendium

Jun 30, 2022

A flower refrigerator is a product designed especially for florists. It is the answer to the need of creating an eye-catching display while providing delicate cut flowers with favourable conditions that will extend their durability. The minimalist, but strong and extremely elegant design provides an excellent neutral background for rich, multi-coloured floral compositions. Due to numerous equipment and finish options, it can be easily adapted to individual needs. We invite you to a short review of our device's capabilities!


A design you can rely on

The most important element of our flower refrigerator is undoubtedly tempered, panoramic front glass pane, which guarantee a great view of everything inside. Placed in a stable and solid, but visually light stainless steel construction, they ensure safety of use and a phenomenal display of a colourful assortment. A sliding door, fitted on one side, makes it easy to insert and remove plants.

A coolness that will be appreciated not only by flowers

When constructing the flower refrigerator we decided to use gravity cooling. It allows to maintain appropriate air humidity, which is extremely important when it comes to flowers. We also equipped it with an automatic condensate evaporation system which does not require emptying. Thanks to the electronic regulator with a clear display, you can easily set the right temperature. It is worth mentioning that the ecological refrigerant R-290 is responsible for pleasant chill inside the flower refigerator, so by choosing our device you choose an environmentally friendly solution.


A discreet setting for natural beauty

We took care of a modern, minimalist design so that all customer’s attention is focused on flowers. The refrigerator is decorated only with a delicate floral pattern on the top panel, which is also repeated on flower stools with a height of 40 and 60 cm. The basic version of device is made of unpainted stainless steel. On request, we can paint the housing, bottom, stools and hanged shelves in any colour from RAPA's colour chart . Energy-saving LED lighting will bring out all the details of the full-color composition, and if you want to enhance the effect, as additional equipment you can replace the panoramic glass and / or side glass with an internal mirror, which will create the impression of abundance.

Flexible arrangement

We wanted to give you the greatest possible options of shaping the space inside the flower refrigerator, that's why we have prepared elements that can be combined in various configurations. Standard refrigerator equipment includes a set of two 40 cm high stools and a crossbar to hang compositions of cut flowers. When placing an order you can replace the mentioned platforms with lower (20 cm) or higher ones (60 cm), or even combine two different heights after prior arrangement with our Customer Service Department.

We have done our best to make the flower refrigerator as adaptable as possible to your specific needs, so you can additionally equip it with adjustable hanged shelves or, at the ordering stage, decide on the option of housing modification, which will allow you to insert from one to several levels of adjustable shelves on guides. If you decide that you still don't have enough space for your display, an extra divided shelf and dedicated guides can be added to the modified refrigerator at any time.


As much space as you need.

Depending on how big your premises are and how extensive your range is, you can adapt the size of the flower refrigerator to your needs - our unit is available in up to six widths: 120.5 cm, 140.5 cm, 160.5 cm, 180.5 cm, 200.5 cm and 220.5 cm. Regardless of the width of the refrigerator, the front pane is always a single pane of glass, without any connectors, which ensures perfect display.

In the case of the two largest refrigerator dimensions - 200,5 cm and 220,5 cm - we install two pairs of sliding doors, in other dimensions we install one pair of doors.

Consistent temperature and safety

There is nothing worse for refrigeration devices than a door that is not closed! This results in high energy losses and disruptions in their operation. That's why you can equip your flower refrigerator with an additional door lock, which will prevent unauthorised people from opening (and not closing) the device, and thus protect the compositions placed inside from unfavourable temperature fluctuations.

Optimal positioning

Despite its considerable size, the refrigerator can be easily leveled thanks to its adjustable legs, and if you also opt for a set of 4 wheels with an adjustable foot, it can easily be turned and conveniently moved to where you want it.

Proven effectiveness, confirmed by tests

We have tested the effect of the flower refrigerator not only in the laboratory! We also tested it by conducting a flower durability test. All the flowers used in the test were ordered from one supplier and arrived in the same transport, in identical temperature conditions. Three types of flowers were used in the test - roses, tulips and carnations. We divided them into two groups. The first group was placed in vases inside the refrigerator, and the second group was kept in identical vases at room temperature. In all vases, water was changed regularly with the same frequency. The experiment showed that most of flowers stored in a refrigerator can survive in good condition for up to 18 days!

If you need more information about our flower refrigerators, please call: 81 742 53 10 or write to: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to help you choose the best option for you.


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