Flower refrigerator supporst florist masters – "Florists Through Men’s Eyes" show

News from florists show in Slaskie Centrum Florystyczne Rekpol

Flower refrigerator supporst florist masters – "Florists Through Men’s Eyes" show

Oct 9, 2020

Autumn is here, but we still think about flowers. Fragrant roses, tulips and cloves remind us of meetings and celebrations, that we lack this year. And it is not true, that men know nothing about flowers.


The harmounious duo and a flower refrigerator

Two top florists Zbigniew Dziwulski and Zygmunt Sieradzan have proven, that men also know their way around flowers. They ran the show Florists Through Men’s Eyes and it left us breathless. But we were there not only to watch and admire their talent. 


Altana chłodnicza na pokazie "Kwiaciarnia Męskim Okiem"


We supported the show with our flower refrigerator and so:

  • we have created a heaven for flowers with perfect temperature and humidity.
  • we emphasized each element of the bouquet with energy-saving LED light, so the viewers could see clearly which plants were used in the show,
  • we elongated the freshness of flowers in this difficult environment, because we know that flowers need to be perfect for proffessional use


Zbigniew Dziwulski na pokazie "Kwiaciarnia Męskim Okiem"


Fresh compositions, unconventional additions

The show ended with auction of the compositions made by the masters, and those were truly original. From plants locked in glass vases, to soaring constructions with candles and unexpected additions. There is no need to choose between wine and flowers. The florist can make a composition containing both of them.


Kompozycje kwiatowe z pokazu florystycznego

We thank the organizers of the Florists Throught Men’s Eyes show for inviting us and we are counting on more occasions to meet.

It’s your time

You want to reduce losses without needing to hide flowers to the back room or closed frezer? We designed the flower refrigerator thinking of your success. You can keep ready bouquets or cut flower and composition elements in it. That way they will always be at your fingertips and in sight of your customers.
Go to our website and configurate the product. Choose the right dimentions, accessories and color of the unit. 

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