Flower refrigerator won - there can be only one winner

The Romanian Floral Design Cup

Flower refrigerator won - there can be only one winner

Jan 21, 2020

In pursuit of exposing the beauty of flowers, this time we reached the unique Romania, where in Cluj-Napoca took place the national floristic competition - "The Romanian Floral Design Cup" organized by The Florist Entrepreneurs Association in Romania (AADF - Asociata Antreprenorilor din Domeniul Floristic). AADF is candidate member in Florint - International Florist Organisation, president of which were one of the Jury.


Why "The Romanian Floral Design Cup"?

The mission of the Romanian Floral Design Cup is to support florists, highlighting their value and professionalism - artistic craftsmanship. This goal is also part of the vision of RAPA company - creating devices that extend and emphasize the beauty of floral compositions, combining practical and aesthetic goals. Our refrigerator for flowers is a frame displaying the works of floral composers.

The competitors were evaluated by an internationally certified jury: Annemie Duchateau (Belgium), Simon Ogrizek (Slovenia), Ferenc Kruzslicz (Hungary). Inspiring workshops were led by Alex Choi (South Korea) – world champion Nicu Bocancea – Romania's representative in Europa Cup 2016 and 2020. The aim of the competition was to assess the skills of designing floral compositions, creativity and professionalism of participants.


An impressive interior for exceptional participants
Alex Choi - World Florist Champion


There can be only one winner

"The bouquet that Jack Sparrow offers Anamaria", "The wedding of Jasmine and Aladdin", "Freestyle - "The Magic World of Books", "Dracula's Dinner" - these are the challenges that florists have faced.

Composing flowers is looking for harmony in their appearance and the soul of the creator. Participants' work presented various techniques and a different, individual approach to the subject, combining the emotional message with the practical aspect of floral compositions. Emirhan Sungu from Bucharest proved to be the best in this edition of the competition. We were pleased to fund a flower refrigerator for him. We hope that it will help him spread his wings and set up his first floristic salon. The jury also awarded Alina Balanescu – second prize Fiviya Vlad – third prize. Congratulations to all participants.


Main prize - Flower refrigerator
Emirhan Sungu - Winner of the competition
From the left: Ferenc Kruzslicz, Annemie Duchateau, Emirhan Sungu, Dorota Pluta, Simon Ogrizek, Krzysztof Międlar
One of the uniquecompositions created during
"The Romanian Floral Design Cup"


What lies ahead

We hope to see you at the European Florist Championship - Europa Cup 2020 flowered by Florint, which will take place this year in Katowice. We encourage everyone to participate, to meet unique people in exceptional circumstances, and to find a moment to meet us there.

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