Gábor Nagy has become a RAPA product ambassador!

Nov 2, 2023

In 2021, Gábor Nagy contacted us for an order of a flower refrigerator for his family flower shop. He found our company seeking a solution to the problem of flowers wilting fast, a problem faced by many businesses in the flower industry. What we didn't know at the time was that he was an award-winning florist - in 2017 he won the EUROFLEURS – the European Championship for Young Florists and the title of Hungarian Champion in Floristry. When we were introduced to his work, we were very impressed and convinced that flowers are his great passion. This made us even more curious about his opinion on our device. When, some time after the flower refrigerator was delivered, we asked Gábor's opinion of it, he replied in all superlatives! This gave us wings and convinced us that we had created a high-quality product for professionals!


A few months later, we had the opportunity to meet Gábor in person during the European Florist Championships - Europa Cup 2022, and we asked if he would like to share his impressions of using our device with the wider public. He responded positively to this idea and so our cooperation in promoting the flower refrigerator began. The first stage was so well received that we decided to continue it in a slightly modified form. Thus, we announce that Gábor Nagy has become a RAPA Product Ambassador!



We encourage you to view a mini gallery of Gabor's works and read a short information about how his adventure with floristry began, where he gets his inspiration from and what fascinates him most in this field:


"My journey in floristry started when my parents opened our flower shop, it was 15 years ago. That time I was in the elementary and secondary school and helped a lot at the shop before and after school. I really liked that environment and decided to become a florist after the school. When my mom got her master florist degree, she stated to take part in competitions and I also. This is how my competitor career begin in floristry, it was 8 years ago. Since that time, I won several competitions and made many floral demonstrations and workshops in Hungary and abroad as well.



My inspiration can come from many places for example nature, art, music, dance, architecture, fashion but also from the different parts of my life.


My biggest professional challenge for me was the Europa Cup 2022 in Katowice so far. I achieved the second place in the competition. It was very interesting experience but the preparations, planning phase and the competition itself took a lot of time and energy. It was my biggest challenge.


For me the most fun of being a florist is that I can express myself with the flowers. This is like a language for me. Wit floristry I can share my ideas, my thoughts and tell everything I want.”



If you would like to find out more about the product that Gábor promotes, i.e. flower refrigerator, please contact our Customer Service Department at 81 742 53 10 or email to: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to tell you more about this device and other products in our range!

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