Get ready for the new GT multideck refrigerated display

Regał chłodniczy nabiałowy

Get ready for the new GT multideck refrigerated display

Jul 13, 2021


The purchase of a refrigeration appliance is an investment. Therefore, you are considering various options. External or internal unit? Which climatic class? What size? What else should you pay attention to when looking for a device that will serve you for years? We find answers to these questions every day, which is why our offer will soon include the first multideck refrigerated display adapted to work with an external unit.


A record-breaking store display


We have created the GT display with the greatest possible capacity in mind. The standard width of the new device is 250 cm, and the height of the space for products is 187.5 cm. It will be a device with the largest display in our entire offer.


Thanks to this, you can easily create a shelf planogram and store all the products:

  • dairy products in standard dairy cartons can be put on 7 shelves,
  • drinks in 500 ml bottles can be put on 6 shelves,

In addition, the GT refrigerated display can be combined into long cooling lines, with which you will effectively use all the available space. 


Wymiary regału chłodniczego z agregatem zewnętrznym


If you are concerned that it will be difficult to use with such a high display, we rush to explain. Our GT has a record low threshold (only 12 cm), thanks to which you will not strain your back when you put boxes with products inside. The top shelf is at a height of approx. 166.5 cm, thanks to which the assortment will be at hand, even for shorter people.


The GT refrigerated display is best suited for displaying dairy products. Inside you will find 40 cm deep shelves that are perfect for dairy cartons. Thanks to the possibility of setting the angle of their inclination, you gain a flexible exhibition space that you can adapt to your needs. Each of the shelves ends with a strip that will allow you to conveniently place prices and clearly mark promotions.


Detale długiego regału chłodniczego nabiałowego


Take the noise outside


The GT model is the first multideck refrigerated display in our offer designed for an external unit. As a result, the devices in the store are quieter and nothing disturbs the shopping experience of your customers.


Plan your space with the new GT multideck refrigerated display


Arrange the space of your store today with our new shelf, which will soon be included in our offer.


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