GT refrigeration counter - great possibilities enclosed in a simple form.

Mar 20, 2023

The acronym GT (Gran Turismo) is primarily associated with the automotive industry, where it simply means a sporty, more luxurious version of a series car. The borrowing is not accidental. We have transferred the term to the refrigeration industry, where it stands for a device that has a distinct character, is efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and guarantees a high level of comfort. In other words, exactly like the L-GT250 refrigerated counter.

Refrigerated counters are one of the basic elements of equipment in grocery shops - both smaller points of sale and large-area markets. They are used to conveniently and attractively present goods requiring refrigeration at the stands where they are served by staff. They can accommodate a wide variety of products - from meat and cold cuts to fish, cheese, delicatessen products and cakes. When designing the new L-GT 250 refrigerated display counter, we made sure to provide them not only with the right thermal conditions, but also with an eye-catching display and many functional features for users.




Simple and solid construction


The GT counter falls into climate class 3. Depending on the thermostat setting, it can operate in three temperature ranges:


  • 3H1 +6 °C ÷ +10 °C
  • 3M2 +2 °C ÷ +7 °C
  • 3M1 0 °C ÷ +5 °C

We designed it with dynamic refrigeration and a housing insulated with ecological polyurethane foam, which ensures very good thermal isolation and maintenance of the correct temperature.
We have ensured that the device is convenient to use, providing easy service access to the evaporator for periodic maintenance (we recommend cleaning the evaporator at least once a month). Also for the user's comfort, the counter has an automatic defrosting system and condensate drainage directly into the sewerage system.
The GT counter was designed to be connected to an external aggregate, but can also be prepared in a plug-in version upon individual request. The design of the device allows several modules to be connected to form a refrigeration line, which is very practical for large shops. Despite the large dimensions of the GT model, our qualified installation team is able to prepare the counter to be brought in through narrow doorways. An additional advantage of the counter is its forklift-compatible construction.




Functional inside


Being aware of the fact that the most important function of a refrigerated counter, apart from ensuring the right temperature for the products, is to present them attractively to the customers, we designed a spacious display measuring as much as 247.5 cm in length (250 cm for the module), 90 cm in depth and 21 cm in height. Its additional advantage is the option to adjust the height and inclination of the bottom. These can be set at three levels in 25 mm increments.




A great advantage of the GT counter is that the components of the display base can be removed without tools and washed under running water, in the sink. The easy disassembly of the magnetised fans also allows the exposition to be washed efficiently with a hose (in suitably prepared facilities equipped with drain grates).




As an optional extra, the display can be supplemented with LED lighting - for meat or dairy products, which is mounted in an innovative position so as not to obstruct the display.
The display can also be enriched with a stainless steel cascade, allowing goods to be stacked on several levels simultaneously, and with a PMMA or toughened glass display partition to separate the different product ranges.




Timeless design


We have given the GT counter a simple, universal form, so it will easily fit into interiors of a very different character. The unit is equipped with straight, vertical, lift-up front panes on lift-up cylinders, all made of tempered glass.
The housing of the counter is made of painted steel, in the basic version in RAL 7016 (Anthracite grey). On request, the front and side elements can be painted in any colour from the RAPA basic colour chart at no extra charge. It is also possible to replace the powder-painted front trim with a stainless steel version (note! this is the only element of the counter housing that can appear in this finish). It is worth mentioning that the fronts are not an integral part of the device and can be replaced after some time, e.g. during a company rebranding. As an addition, we offer a front shelf - railing on the customer's side.





Useful equipment and accessories


The GT counter is fitted with a 22 cm wide stainless steel "ground" top. As an accessory, you can choose a stainless steel "canvas" version or a granite top, and complement the top with useful accessories such as a platform for cashbox or scale or a cutting board.
As standard, the unit has night covers to prevent excessive energy consumption and protect the goods.
The temperature can be continuously monitored thanks to an electronic temperature controller with display on the operating side and an electronic thermometer on the customer side.
As an accessory, the device can be supplemented with a USB temperature recorder.


Equipment options can be selected in our configurator. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department, by phone: 81 742 53 10 or by email: we will be pleased to provide any information





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