How to choose additional equipment for the benefit of you and your customer

Wyposażenie dodatkowe, które wspomoże sprzedaż

How to choose additional equipment for the benefit of you and your customer

Jan 14, 2021

Buying the store equipment is preceded by long planning, during which we consider many different options. From planning the customer path to proper communication and exposure. Today we pay attention to the "details" and the benefits of choosing the right accessories.



Choose accessories for your benefit


Among the available options for additional equipment, you will find those that will "work" for you. They will save space, time or help to limit losses. Let's take a look at some of them:


Display divider for refrigerated display cabinets

It is available in glass or plastic variants. It allows you to separate different products from each other when you need to store them in one device. Thanks to it:

  • it will be easier to keep everything in order in the counter,
  • you save space by using one device, e.g. for displaying cold cuts and cheeses.

Choose a fixed partition if you know exactly how much space you need. We recommend movable partitions to those who will change the arrangement of products depending on the assortment.


Pollen filter

This small filter helps to properly care for the condenser. It prevents the ingress of contamination, thus additionally protecting the device. You can use it multiple times.


Drying system for windows in refrigerated counters

It is standard equipment in the SiX line. Why is it worth investing in it when buying another model? It is a solution that allows counters to maintain the highest quality of operating parameters at high air humidity. It saves employees' time, because the sites do not have to be dried manually.


A set of wheels with an adjustable foot

It is a solution for people who plan to frequently change the arrangement of furniture and refrigeration devices. It will also come in handy when you need to move the device. 


Night curtain for refrigerated counters

It prevents the escape of cool air from the display part of the refrigerated counter. Thanks to it, products stay fresh longer, because they are kept at the right temperature.


Sound signaling of open door in the refrigerating cabinet

Widely used in home refrigerators, it can also be used in a back-room closet. It will help to maintain the right temperature inside the cabinet, and thus reduce waste and energy consumption.


Dense shelves for refrigerated cabinets

We recommend them especially to those who store drinks in glass bottles and a small assortment. With dense shelves, it is easier to place goods in the device, and it will not tip over.





Extras for the benefit of the customer


Equipment is not only a benefit for you and the store. When planning a purchase, remember about the amenities for your customers. They will surely appreciate it. Consider in particular:


Rail for a refrigerated counter

It is the front shelf for the customer where they can place their basket or their personal belongings while shopping. Thanks to this, they can freely pack the products and pay for them.


Stainless steel cascade

Products placed on one level are not always perfectly visible. The cascade makes it easy to divide products, display them and arrange them, regardless of their size. Makes the display more readable and attractive to the client.


Self-closing device for swing doors in refrigerating cabinets

It will help to take care of the goods in devices set up in self-service stores. Thanks to it, you can be sure that the device remains closed. The products will keep the right temperature and freshness.


Price strip

Clearly visible product prices are one of the conditions for proper exposure. Customers hesitate to buy a product for which they do not know the price. Thanks to the price strips, all information will be in a visible, designated place.


Painting the interior of the exhibition in refrigerated shelves

Perhaps the color of the inside of the refrigerated shelf seems indifferent to you from the point of view of the store owner. However, remember that everything that surrounds your products affects how the customer sees them. The appropriate color of the interior of the display may make the product stand out against the background of the device, draw attention to itself, and make it seem more attractive.




Why is it worth ordering accessories with the device?


The elements of additional equipment mentioned above are only some of the options that you can consider before buying a refrigeration device. Why should you order these items at an early stage?


Firstly, because modern retail spaces must be carefully planned. Additional equipment (such as a cascade or counter dividers) significantly affects the appearance of the display. The rails, in turn, will affect the ergonomics and the way customers move around the room.


Careful examination of the offer of additional equipment will help you avoid ill-considered purchases. You won't have to rush to find solutions. In addition, you get an assortment that perfectly matches the devices, because it is produced by the same manufacturer.


Third, you save money. Some accessories are cheaper if you order them together with the device than if you buy them separately.


Check the configurator and discover all available options


What else will you find in the additional offer? It obviously depends on the device and your needs and expectations. Please visit our website and use the configurator, where (without leaving your home) you can see the full offer. Do you need more? Please contact our Customer Service Department.



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