How to open an eco-friendly store?

Shopping bag with eco products

How to open an eco-friendly store?

Feb 24, 2022

We are making pro-environmental choices more and more often. We avoid foil packaging, we take reusable bags with us for shopping, we give up products that are made in conditions that are harmful to the environment. That is why retail chains are constantly looking for ways to attract customers through various types of pro-ecological activities. If the welfare of the planet is also important to you, you can be inspired by the actions that retail chains are taking to reduce their impact on the environment. 


How big chains care for the environment?


According to the GfK report "Who Cares? Who Does "over half of consumers avoid buying vegetables and fruit that are packed in plastic. Over 80% of shoppers carry their own shopping bag, and over 70% do not buy plastic cutlery or party plates.  

One of the most pro-ecological networks on the Polish market is Żabka, which constantly implements new initiatives to reduce its negative impact on the environment. What activities are we talking about?

  • They recalled plastic bags for shopping, fruit, vegetables and bread, 
  • they introduced 100% recycled bottles in private label products, 
  • they educate and encourage franchisees to segregate recyclable materials,
  • they introduce ECOmats to help recycling,
  • they use a circular economy model, keeping raw materials in a closed loop,
  • they invest in electric cars,
  • they receive foil and waste paper from franchisees,
  • they develop the possibility of supplying stores with green energy.

Żabka shops support the formation of ecological habits among their customers by investing in various types of facilities. From free shopping bags, to labeling what to do with empty packages, to setting up vending machines for returning plastic bottles. This solution is appreciated by chain customers, which is confirmed by research conducted among consumers.


warzywa i owoce w sklepie


Lidl, on the other hand, decided to create flower meadows around selected stores, which constitute a natural environment for insects, including bees and butterflies. The network is also working on defining an agricultural standard for its suppliers


Carrefour implements the "STOP Wastage" program, in which it encourages customers to reduce glass waste and allows them to buy food products for their own containers.


What can you do to make your store ecological?


Even by running a small neighborhood store, you can show your customers that you care about the environment. How?

  • Equip the store with energy-saving and environmentally friendly refrigeration devices that use e.g. R-290 refrigerant.; 
  • Instead of products in disposable foil packages, offer those in the "by weight" option with the possibility of bringing your own container. 
  • Encourage your customers to bring their own shopping bag instead of paying for disposable plastic bags.
  • Choose suppliers who share your views and introduce their own pro-ecological solutions, eg they use recyclable packaging, they produce from raw materials marked as "BIO".

Be sure to talk about how you act for the environment


We should talk loud about the good things we do. Such behaviour encourages imitation. Customers will appreciate your efforts, and those who care about the environment will gain a trusted place to shop.


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