New colour and decor chart - see our cheat sheet

Katalog kolorów i materiałów - wzornik RAPA

New colour and decor chart - see our cheat sheet

Jan 13, 2022


We entered the new year with a new colour chart. We designed it to make adjusting the appearance of the refrigeration appliance as easy as possible. So if you want to have all the available variants in one document, our chart is just for you. 


How to use the latest catalog of colours and finishes?


Our new colour and decor chart is 84 pages long. We designed it so that all available options are easy for you to find. In this text, we explain how to efficiently navigate through the document.


Start by reading the table of contents. You will quickly notice that the devices on offer are grouped by type and modification options. So, if you are looking for line F refrigerated counters, you can skip ahead to page 24.


On the pages on the left, you will find a picture of the device where the individual parts to be modified are indicated. On the right, we have listed all available colours, finishes and materials that can be used to replace the standard element. Some devices have so many options that additional variants are listed on the next page. Devices that have an additional page are those that - apart from painted variants - can be finished with a furniture board, e.g. F, SiX refrigerated counters, refrigerated shelves and confectionery display cabinets.



Układ treści we wzorniku kolorów i materiałów


In the latest colour chart you will find color variants available as standard and those additionally payable. Detailed information on the prices of selected finishes can be found in our price list.


On some pages you will find boxes with a blue frame labeled "individual RAL" and "individual furniture board". For these devices, you can choose your own colour or pattern of the furniture board, which is not included in our colour charts. However, if you want to introduce your own colour or decor, be sure to consult our International Customer Service Department to determine the availability of the selected option and the price.


Online colour chart


Do you want to see what the device will look like in the selected colorr version and make sure that you have picked the right one? Use our online configurator. All you need to do is find the device you want to order and click the "Configure product" button. You can mix and match all available variants in it.


See this short animation:


Where can you find our newest colour chart?

You can download the latest color and decor chart from our website. You will find it in the "Download" tab under the "Color chart" icon. We have prepared the document in two language versions (Polish and English).



Pobierz wzornik kolorów i dekorów RAPA ze strony


Download the RAPA colour chart from website



If you have questions about the template, available finishes or materials, please contact us. We also encourage you to use the configurator with which you can easily place an order.


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