NEW - Compact multideck refrigerated display!

Nov 9, 2023

A multideck refrigerated display is a very practical device and shop equipment that makes it possible to create a large display of goods in a relatively small space. In addition, it provides products with the right storage conditions and convenient access for customers. This type of refrigeration equipment is mainly associated with hypermarkets, but the new RAPA Compact multideck display is also suitable for smaller shops.


Large display space


The biggest advantage of the Compact Multideck refrigerated display is that it provides really large space for products. With a height of 170 cm and a width of 187.5 cm, the display is equipped with 5 deep shelves, which are adjustable in height every 36 mm and can be tilted by 25 degrees. At the same time, the 70 cm deep and 214.5 cm high display does not take up much space in the room, with the added benefit that you can choose the version to be combined in a refrigerated line, making it much easier to arrange your sales area.


Simple design and ergonomic interior


We have ensured that the Compact multideck display is comfortable and safe to use. The ergonomic interior of the Compact unit allows the staff to comfortably fill the device with assortments and the customers to easily reach the products. Simple design and components that can be dismantled without tools make it easy to clean, and the high-precision finish makes the device comfortable to use.




Practical glazed doors


Low energy consumption is nowadays one of the priorities when choosing refrigeration devices, which is why the Compact multideck refrigerated display has been equipped with a convenient glass sliding door with load lock to maintain constant temperature conditions inside the device and significantly reduce electricity consumption.


Reliable refrigeration and precise temperature control


You don't have to think about how to arrange the individual products in the Compact multideck refrigerated display to ensure optimum temperature conditions, as the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the device thanks to the use of dynamic cooling. In addition, the use of a fan makes product cooling faster than gravity cooling.

Setting the right temperature in the Compact display is trivial, as we have fitted it with a precise electronic temperature controller. Once the appropriate app has been installed, you can connect to it remotely via your mobile device.






Energy-efficient LED lighting


LED lighting fitted along the inner upper edge of the shelving unit will help to highlight the product range enclosed in the device. The type of lighting can be adapted to the type of products stored in the multideck display. You can choose between neutral, meat or dairy lighting.


Flexible appearance


A great advantage of the Compact display is the wide choice of finishes, so that the device can be easily adapted to the individual design of the shop. We offer front panel finishes in steel painted in colours from the RAPA colour chart or in furniture board panels. We also make it possible to customise the display equipment to individual needs. Both the interior of the shelving unit and the shelves can be painted in any colour chosen from our colour chart or made of stainless steel. Instead of a row of shelves, we can install crossbars with "s" or "spike" hooks.


If you would like to find out more about Compact shelving or have any other questions about our range, please call us on 81 742 53 10 or write to: . We will be happy to provide you with information about our devices!





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