New folders available now

Baner z nowymi folderami urządzeń chłodniczych

New folders available now

Jul 29, 2021

We have prepared new folders for you. This is the best source of information if you want to find out about our offer and choose the device that best suits your needs.


For each product group, we have prepared a separate folder that clearly presents the capabilities of the devices.


Oferta lad chłodniczych - refrigerated counters offer


Folder refrigerated counters with straight and curved glass pane


Refrigerated counters are devices eagerly used for displaying and selling meats, cold cuts and dairy products, which are given to the customer by a professional seller. The devices allow you to display products in accordance with the highest standards of the store. Well-designed counters:

  • ensure the appropriate exposure temperature of products,
  • enable you to design of an attractive display,
  • guarantee comfortable work for the seller who has free access to the exhibition.

In our offer you will find straight, corner counters, with straight and bent glass. Selected models can be combined into cooling lines, thanks to which you can optimally use the available commercial space.




Oferta szaf chłodniczych - refrigerated cabinets offer


Storage and glazed upright refrigerated cabinets folder


If you happen to get lost in the range of refrigerated cabinets, this folder should help you choose the right device. There is no shortage of cabinets in our offer, because we want everyone to get a device tailored to their needs. So if you're looking for a storage cabinet, be sure to start with this folder.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a wardrobe for storing and displaying products (e.g. drinks or dairy products), we offer you a cabinets folder with glass on one or two sides. The latter are perfect for pastry shops, where the products are served by the service, and the customer chooses what tempts him the most.

Oferta regałów chłodniczych - multideck refrigerated display offer


Folder open and closed multideck refrigerated displays


Dairy products, packaged meats, drinks - there are many products that can end up in a refrigerated display if you want to sell in a self-service system. Be sure to see what offer we have for you. It is worth considering purchasing such a display, even if you have a small space at your disposal.


Oferta altan kwiatowych - flower refrigerator offer

Flower refrigerator folder


This device was created for florists who want to provide the best conditions for storing and displaying cut flowers. In the folder you will find all the secrets of the cooling gazebo and the latest variant with a mirror panel instead of a panoramic glass.


Oferta lad na kwiaty - flower counter offer


Flower counter folder

Do you have a large area at your disposal and want to offer ready-made bouquets in a self-service system? Meet our flower counter, designed to sell the highest quality products quickly.


oferta regałów pos-a - pos-a multideck refrigerated display offer


POS-A folder


Are you looking for a refrigerated display that you can put anywhere? Are you planning an exhibition near the cash desk and want to provide customers with chilled products perfect for a hot summer? Your requirements will be met by the POS-A refrigerated rack. Details of the equipment and all the benefits can be found in the brochure.

Oferta wysp chłodniczych - refrigerated island offer


Refrigerated island folder 


Are you interested in a device that will help you display your assortment in a self-service system? Thanks to the cooling island, customers will have convenient access to their favorite products from each side. Discover all the benefits of owning this device by downloading our folder. 


Download all the folders by going to section "downloads" or clicking this link, which will get you directly to the desired section.




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