New - Refrigerated cabinet 4S/NW/W/BP

Sep 5, 2023

The times of booming sales of products "from under the counter" are long gone. Nowadays, the greatest influence on the decision to buy is whether an assortment is well exposed and visible. Aware of this fact, we have designed the unusual SCh-4S cabinet glazed on four sides! This solution allows the device to be positioned away from the wall, just like a refrigerated island, and allows customers to take a close look at the entire assortment inside. What other advantages does our new cabinet have? Read on!


Excellent visibility of products


The greatest advantage of the 4S cabinet is that all of its walls have been glazed. This opens up a wide range of design possibilities and visual merchandisers! In addition to its basic refrigeration function, the device can become an important decorative element for the shop, catching the eye of shoppers and encouraging them to reach for the goods displayed inside. For the safety of users, all glazing is made of double-sided toughened, low-emission glass.


Spacious interior without partition


We are well aware of the importance of a large display space, so when designing the 4S cabinet, we decided to dispense with the internal partition, thus creating more space for products. A glazed hinged door on the service side and a glazed door with a lock on the customer side also provide convenient access to the interior to fill the stock.


Solid, double-sided, stainless steel shelves


We decided to equip the 4S cabinet with strong and practical solid stainless steel shelves. Not only are they very visually appealing, but they also allow even small packages to be placed freely, with no concern that they will topple over, causing problems for customers and staff. Their added advantage is that they are double-sided and suitable for attaching price strips on both sides. This means that you can use the cabinet as a large display case, for example by placing it next to the checkout counter.



Lighting on all sides


A major advantage of this model is the inclusion of up to eight LED lighting strips, along all the vertical edges of the housing, to better display the goods inside the device. Depending on what assortment you want to store in the cabinet, you can choose a cold white or warm white colour to further enhance its qualities.


Solid construction and elegant finish


The frame, the rails for securing the shelf supports and the bottom of the storage compartment in the 4S cabinet are made of mirror-type stainless steel. This ensures high functionality and aesthetics of the device. Externally, the housing is painted as standard in the colour of your choice from the RAPA colour chart. For an additional charge, the shelves can also be painted in the colour of your choice from the RAPA colour chart.


Cooling to the fore!


In addition to all the visual qualities, the 4S cabinet provides high quality refrigeration in climate class 3, which is guaranteed by an internal unit powered by the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-290. The device uses dynamic cooling, thanks to which the internal temperature is evenly distributed. The cabinet is equipped with an easy-to-empty condensate container and a ventilation grid, which you can open conveniently without using tools.


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