New SCh-AKM flower refrigerator equipment

New SCh-AKM flower refrigerator equipment

Jan 27, 2023

RAPA flower refrigerators are highly valued by florists, which is why we are systematically developing and enriching their equipment. Shelves, a crossbar or stools allow for convenient arrangement of the space, tailored to the assortment stored at a given moment. In addition to the existing solutions available for the SCh- AKM flower refrigerator, we have designed an additional shelf with openings for flower storage containers. The shelf makes it possible to conveniently display finished bouquets as well as individual flowers from which compositions will be prepared.




Shelf arrangement possibilities


On one level in the flower refrigerator it is possible to install one shelf with container openings. The diameter of the container hole is 24.6 cm. The shelf can be mounted flat or at an angle of 20o. Special care must be taken to ensure that when the shelf is set at an angle, the flowers are not in the low temperature zone. Their minimum distance from the panoramic glass is 8 cm. Shelves with containers can be installed alternately with adjustable shelves. You can also create functional sets with stools of different heights.







Load capacity

The adjustable shelves available to date can be loaded with a maximum load of up to 20 kg per shelf, but this must be distributed evenly and the weight per entire level must not exceed 35 kg. For shelves with container openings, the maximum load is 35 kg, again with an even load distribution.

Depending on the size of the flower refrigerator, you will receive a different number of containers:


  • SCh-AKM 1205 - 3 psc.
  • SCh-AKM 1405 - 4 psc.
  • SCh-AKM 1605 - 5 psc.
  • SCh-AKM 1805 - 5 psc.
  • SCh-AKM 2005 - 6 psc.
  • SCh-AKM 2205 - 7 psc.





SCh-AKM equipment configuration


All the SCh-AKM flower refrigerator shelves available in our offer can be painted. You can conveniently configure the device together with the accessories selected for it in our configurator. You can decide how many and which shelves you want to order for the unit, as well as additional equipment or accessories.





Our specialists in the Customer Service Department will suggest the best solution for you. Contact us via phone number: 81 742 53 10 or by e-mail: We will be happy to provide any information!





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