Platform for a flower refrigerator

Aug 21, 2023

Sometimes RAPA devices are modified due to user suggestions. The opinion of our customers is very valuable to us, which is why we try to improve our equipment, taking into account the insights we receive from them. This is exactly what happened in the case of the flower refrigerator. Several florists independently approached us with the idea of equipping the device with an additional platform, which would raise the entire structure by several tens of centimetres. We designed this element and, after testing, decided to include it in our regular offer!




Improved visibility of exposure


What do you gain by equipping your flower refrigerator with the aforementioned platform? First and foremost, an increase in display height, which can improve visibility if you place some of the flower vases directly on the refrigerator floor. Now also the lower parts of the arrangement will immediately be in the customers' sight, even if the device is placed behind the counter. What's more, you will also be able to make use of the space in front of the device, because, for example, flower bouquets placed in front will not obstruct the inside of the refrigerator.





Convenient use


Raising the refrigerator can also make it more convenient for you to use it - both to insert and remove flowers, as well as to clean the device. Remember, however, that an additional platform requires a suitably high room, both for the sake of adequate air circulation, which must be kept for the device to function properly, and to keep good proportions in the composition of the interior design. When deciding on a base equipped with adjustable legs, consider that the entire device will be 30 cm higher. If you choose a set of wheels with adjustable feet, the refrigerator will "grow" by 34.5 cm.





If you would like to find out more about our offer, please contact us by telephone using the number 81 742 53 10 or write an email We will be happy to answer any questions!



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