Price labels - patterns to use in your store

Ręcznie pisane etykiety cenowe

Price labels - patterns to use in your store

May 13, 2021

Do you pay attention to details? If so, today we have something special for you. We have designed price labels, perfect to complement your pastry shops, cafes, bakeries or florists.


You don't have a graphic designer at hand? Missing a design program and time to deal with little things? We rush to help! Below you will find price labels for the store that you can print. All you have to do is decide on what material you want to order them. You don't know about printing? This is no problem, you will find our recommendations under each project.



Minimalistyczne etykiety cenowe do druku


A printable price label that will work in any store, confectionery or cafe. It focuses attention on the product and is very legible. 

Dimension: A single label is 90 x 50 mm, this is the size of a standard business card.

Perfect substrate: you will print it on a thicker cardboard (e.g. 350 g chalk - just like business cards), due to the standard format, any printing house will be happy to complete this order. You can easily arrange and print 9-10 such labels on a regular A4 sheet and print it on an office printer.





Etykiety cenowe samoprzylepne



Do you need a price tag in the form of a sticker? The cloud is suitable for sweet interiors and places where it is simply like in heaven. It will emphasize the sweetness of confectionery products enclosed in bright display cases.

Size: 100 x 65 mm

Perfect substrate: Due to their interesting shape, they are perfect as stickers. Print on self-adhesive foils, cardboard boxes, decorative cardboard boxes.

Note: Clouds do not have a base, so you will need, for example, a stand with a clip to "place" them.






Etykiety cenowe do druku i powieszenia



A label template that was created for health food stores, traditional bakeries and florists in a rustic climate. Places whose motto is to work in harmony with nature.

Size: 50 x 120 mm

Ideal substrate: Choose recycled gray paper with a clear texture. It is supposed to be natural and ecological.






Etykiety cenowe plastikowe do kwiaciarni



We have prepared this project for florists who sell flowers in pots. The labels have a "spout", so you can easily stick them into the soil in the pot.

Dimensions: 90 x 180 cm

Perfect substrate: such labels will fulfill their task best when you print them on a rigid substrate (e.g. PVC) or if you protect the print with foil.




How to use price label templates?


Download the selected design, it is prepared for printing a single piece. Designs do not contain prices (they have blanks), it is up to you to decide how you place them. You can order printing from a printing house or do everything yourself.Good luck!



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