Products in refrigerated island - 8 rules of proper exposure

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Products in refrigerated island - 8 rules of proper exposure

May 11, 2022

Refrigerated islands are devices that should not be missing in a store, especially in a large-area one. They not only allow you to store food products at a low temperature. In addition, they ensure a very convenient display of these products - both for the customer and the seller. Thanks to the island, the consumer can see the goods from all sides and then put them into the basket himself. The possibility of self-service significantly favors impulse shopping, which turns into a greater profit. How to display your groceries in an attractive way on a refrigerated island so that people passing by will decide to buy? In our article, we share eight useful principles.


1. Bet on the right device.

The basis of a successful display is a modern refrigeration device that will fit perfectly into the available space and facilitate the presentation of goods. That is why you should opt for the L-WB1 refrigerated island. All its sides are made of transparent materials that do not limit the view. Therefore, the customer can easily see the products from all angles, and also take them out from any side.



2. Select products that require a similar temperature.

You can easily set your preferred temperature in our refrigerated island. The credit lies in the clearly visible, easy-to-use controller with display. Due to dynamic cooling, the temperature in the compartment is distributed evenly. You can cool any food in it: cheese, meat, cold cuts, fish, drinks, delicatessen products ... Just remember to collect products that require similar temperature conditions inside the device.


3. Don't forget about the packaging.

The basis for the operation of the refrigeration island is self-service. People themselves take out the food that interests them. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of hygiene issues, namely that the products are in packaging that protects the contents well. No sensible customer will buy food that has been touched by many hands. Of course, some products - like drinks - already have the proper packaging. But if you want to display something else, such as cheeses or smoked meat cut in the store, be sure to pack them in bags. The use of disposable food trays will also make it much easier.



4. Place the island where it is best to generate sales.

The location of a refrigeration appliance in a store should not be matter of chance. Do not put it in a random place just because you just have a bit of space there. Think carefully about the customer's shopping path. What products will he catch when passing by? Will he have enough space to stay longer by the island without blocking traffic? At what point will he buy something on impulse? If you are displaying meat, place the appliance close to a regular meat stand. If you bet on grilling products, make sure that there are other necessary barbecue items in the vicinity. And if you're throwing impulse products inside, put an island close to checkout counters. The customer, bored in the queue, will be happy to reach for something extra.


5. Move the device as necessary.

If one place does not work for some reason or you decide to put different products inside, just move the island elsewhere. It will not cause you much trouble, because the device is equipped with practical mounted wheels. The edges of the island have been reliably secured with stainless steel bumpers, so do not be afraid to place it even in very busy shopping aisle.



6. Set the products wisely.

The L-WB1 refrigerated island can withstand loads of up to 110 kilograms. This does not mean that you absolutely have to use all that weight by squeezing as many products inside as possible. First of all, take care of the customer's comfort. He should be able to quickly and easily take out the food he is interested in, without having to move or take out additional things. If people have to spend too much time reaching for the product or taking out one item make the entire exhibition collapse - the customers will avoid the island and set a self-service point won’t have any sense. In addition, unsightly scattered goods will not attract attention. So try to have a little space between the individual pieces, and also do not stack layers composed of different products.


7. Connect the islands in series lines.

Our refrigerated island is not - nomen omen - a lonely island. It doesn't have to stand alone. You can easily enlarge the display space by combining several devices in series lines of a specific length. This makes the refrigeration solution suitable for retail premises of any size. You can put up as many refrigerated islands as you actually have space for.



8. Mix your groceries.

As we mentioned earlier, you should ensure that products which appear inside require similar temperature conditions. However, this does not mean that an island can only contain one type of food, such as meat. Mix the content depending on the seasonal requirements, customer needs and of course what you want to sell. It is a good idea to collect various barbecue items inside the device during the barbecue season.

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